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    I need help with gifts!

    Hi everyone! This is going to be a long post, so I apologize. In a couple weeks, my boyfriend and I will celebrate being together for one year. Our plan is to go into the city (Philadelphia), check out some museums and go to dinner in a nice area. We got a decently nice hotel room, so to counter the cost we put a $50 price cap on any gifts.

    My boyfriend is very hard to shop for, and I am just awful at buying gifts. I know what he likes, but when it comes time to applying those things to gifts, I blank. For his birthday, I bought him some nice work shirts, and a donation to WWF for his favorite animal. I was proud of that, but I do not know where to go now.

    Since I am so helpless, I could really use some assistance.

    Movies: My boyfriend loves movies, but I do not want to do the sort of clichéd movie basket with popcorn and candy. When he gets strapped for cash, he also tends to sell DVDs first, so I refuse to buy DVDs for him.

    Working out: Erich is very active and works out 5-6 times a week. For Valentines Day I got him a runners kit with anti-chafing gel, reflectors, shoe deodorizers, etc. I looked at North Face duffel bags, but they are $150+

    Food, but not cooking: He loves eating. I would make a dinner but I always cook, and I want it to be special. For Christmas, I am planning to buy him an ice cream maker.

    Does not like:

    Every traditional gift idea. He does not like wearing watches, or cologne, or concerts. There was one comedian Erich said he would want to see, but unfortunately, the local shows have very bad timing.

    I know there are many creative people here, and if they have the patience to read all of that, I know I can get some great ideas. Puh-puh-puh-lease help me. Thank you!
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