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  • Winter Antoinette

    9 23.08%
  • Winter Beverly

    2 5.13%
  • Fauna Winter

    0 0%
  • Elodie Snow

    24 61.54%
  • Nerissa Winter

    4 10.26%
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    more Winter combos

    so i'm trying to get to a short list of 5? maybe? i haven't been getting the boyfriend's opinion lately and he's stopped asking because it's clearly stressing me out, lol. i have 3 names on my list so far and i'd like to have a few more by the time i present him his choices:

    Briar Snow
    Cecily Winter
    Winter Beatrix (or possibly Beatrix Winter. i'm not sure if i like the sound of Beatrix as a first name with her sister's name, Alora.)

    so here's a new poll of some new possible additions. suggestions welcome, -last name will be Nicolas, i hate nicknames, and older sister is named Alora Belle and i'd like the names not to clash-

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    I voted for Elodie, but also love Nerissa Winter.
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    Elodie Snow is the clear winner for me. Winter Beverly is a distant runner up. How about Beverly Winter?

    You did end up with my 3 faves from your previous poll though! I would add Elodie Snow and call it a day!

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    Briar Snow-Too wordy
    Cecily Winter-Lovely
    Winter Beatrix- I prefer Beatrix Winter [I actually LOVE it] but Winter Beatrix is OK
    Winter Antoinette-Too many t sounds.
    Winter Beverly-Dislike the flow and Beverly
    Fauna Winter-Too wordy
    Elodie Snow-LOVE LOVE LOVE this
    Nerissa Winter-Nerissa is darling but the combo doesn't flow because of the matchy endings.

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    Beatrix Nicolaus does not sound good together. And I am worried that the name Winter Nicolaus may be too christmas-y. (Santa aka old saint nicolaus)
    However, I really love Elodie Snow, and with Snow being in the middle I think you can escape the christmas theme without anyone really noticing.
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