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    Ottoline or Ottilie?

    We are expecting a girl in January and are planning on naming her either Ottoline or Ottilie? We are having trouble deciding between the two. I was leaning towards Ottoline but in my head I can see myself shortening it a using Ottilie as nn so then I am not sure so then I am not sure if we should use that as her formal fn? I wanted to thank everyone who has commented on my previous threads I have actually found the feedback very helpful. So my questions for you are:

    1) In general do you prefer Ottoline or Ottilie? And why?

    2) Which name do you think would work better with my sibset?

    3) If I end up shortening Ottoline to Ottilie should I just use Ottilie as the formal fn?

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    I think Ottilie goes better with the sibset!
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    Ottilie by far. While I think that Otto is quite charming for a boy, Ottoline just sounds wrong somehow and very old-fashioned. Besides, Ottilie would go smashingly well with your children's names where I think Ottoline would have a clunky feel to it with the others.
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    Ottilie!!!! I think that the OTTO begining of OTTOLINE sounds more masculaine somehow!

    Ottilie is Adorable!
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    I read a book with a little girl called Ottilie and I thought it was precious!! I really like this name!

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