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Thread: Sadie

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    All my suggestions have been taken! I came in to suggest Rosalind/Rosamund and Lysandra--they seem to fit nicely with your style!

    I personally prefer Isadora to both Thora and Pandora, but I can understand the problem.
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    I think take Isadora now, and worry about the rest later. You don't know if you'll have any more girls, and it would be a shame to lose a name you love on the potential of more kids.
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    I know have suggested this to a few different people at different times but how about something like..

    SAbrina DEan
    SAsha DIon

    Or something of the sort... SA first name and DI or DE middle name to result in the nn SADIE
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    I know someone her called her little girl Mercedes and her nn is Sadie!! I think that is super cute!

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    kala: I hate it when that happens. Sometimes I feel like stomping my foot in a thread and saying, "no fair, everyone took the good names!". Hehe. We're still thinking over Lysandra. SO doesn't love it, but he said he'd have to think it over. For some reason I've never liked most of the Ros names.

    janna: Agreed. I guess I should have clarified, I'm not taking Isadora off the list, I'm just looking for other Sadie options if we do end up having a Thora, Isabeau or Pandora first, because then we can't use Isadora. I was thinking Serafina could work, but Sofie feels more suited to Serafina than Sadie. I never got how Sadie came from Sarah. I'm thinking of adding Lysandra and Serafina, but then my girls' list is just going to be enormous.

    backtomyroots: Yeah, I like that idea if I really love both names, but I don't like forcing it. Also, with names, I prefer calling people by their given names, and occasionally by their pet name, which is why I like the pet form to be fairly intuitive and not too much of a stretch. Cordelia "Cora" and Isadora "Sadie" are about as far as I like to stretch the nicknames.

    scout: Mercedes nn Sadie is cute. License to Drive came out when I was a little girl and I remember watching it and thinking the character Mercedes was the most perfect girl ever. She had all this fluffy blonde 80s hair and this frilly pink dress, just perfect in the eyes of a child.
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