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    Names of twins you know

    name the twins you know! I'm just about convinced that there are almost no twins that don't have matchy/too similar names. So let's hear them!

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    I don't know many that are young.

    Dawson and Jayden ( Dawson is nice but Jayden! Ugh!)
    Lillian and Olivia nn Lilly and Livvy
    Caleb and Caden (again with the -Aden names!)
    Claudia and Victoria
    Toni and Tiffani (about 17)
    Brooke and Bailee

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    Alex (m.) & Madalyn (f.)--about 7-8 y/o now

    Alexander Logan & Trevor Allen (identical boy twins)--about 3-4 y/o now

    Danielle & Aimee (although they were born in the early 80's, they're identical twins as well)

    Johnny (m.) & Maeve (f.)--Appx. 3 years old now

    Joshua (m.) & Audrey (f).--about 6 y/o now

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    I have twin boys, almost 5 months (fraternal). Oliver Charles & Eli Jasper!

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    William and Emily (called Will and Emmy)
    Rebecca and James
    Kevin and Henry
    Annelise and Madeline (Annie and Maddie)

    @bostonlover, Oliver and Eli are stunning together!


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