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    Alice, Amélie, Audrey, Cosima, Eleanor, Isadora, Lucie, Lydia, Ophelia, Rose, Scarlett, Stella
    Alistair, Arthur, Casper, Charles, Marius, Nicolas, Oscar, Perceval, Theodore, Victor, Vincent, Xavier

    GPs: Aoife, Artemis, Arwen, Guinevere, Hecate, Iphigenia, Musichetta, Nyx, Olive, Philomena, Wendy, Xanthe, Zenobia / Cecil, Chester, Crispin, Hamish, Lucius, Lysander, Magnus, Seamus

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    I mean I only plan on having 2 or 3, so I could use almost any letter (except maybe X...) But if I did have like 9-10 or something crazy like that I could probably do C E or S and not run out.

    Cael, Calder, Callen, Callum, Casen, Cedar, Cohen, Colby, Cyprus, Caia, Cairo, Callery, Cambria, Catalina, Caroline, Cecelia, Cosette

    Easton, Ellis, Elias, Elijah, Emmett, Everest, Everett, Essex, Ezra, Eliana, Elodie, Ember, Emeline, Emerson, Emery, Embree, Evangeline, Evanna and Eviana

    Salem, Sebastian, Seneca, Severin, Sutton, Syracuse, Seneca, Saskia, Sayuri, Scarlet, Seraphine, Shiloh

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    The Letter: C.

    However, one of the following letters will help start off which middle names my children will hopefully have to continue a maternal tradition. -- R. E. O. & A.

    aspian Atlas Locke ▪ Ƶephyrus Alan Psalm
    Oberon ▫ Raphael ▫ Sebastian ▫ Orion ▫ Phoenix ▫ Edmund ▫ Jasper ▫ Solomon

    Łiliana Adelia Claire ▪ Ɲoemi Adlumia Fable
    Chrysanthe ▫ Juniper ▫ Isabeau ▫ Camellia ▫ Galilea ▫ Yara ▫ Chloe


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    Hmm I have some options...

    I tend to most admire matching-initial sibsets where the same initial makes different sounds, as in C or G.

    G: Gillian, Golda, Genevieve, Gwyneira, Gemma / Gideon, Gabriel, Gershon, Gregory - All the boys have hard G's unless I go with George or Geoffrey though? Bah.
    C: Caroline, Clare, Chaya, Chantal, Cecilia, Celeste/ Cassius, Chanan, Cyrus, Carmiel, Cillian - I've got C's that are k, s, sh, and "hhh" sounds here. No true "ch" as in chair though, couldn't think of any.

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    I already used one L name and it is so hard to let so many others go!!

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