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    Could we have any more opposite taste?

    I've recently found out I'm expecting a girl, and I know it's horrible to say I was hoping for a boy but it's because my husband and I really don't agree on any girl's names at all. He likes trendy, unisex, surname type names while I like ones that are more classic, vintage, feminine.

    Examples of the names on our lists:



    This is our first child, and although we've got until early next year to sort it out, I know that family will be trying to put their influence on us at Christmas so I want us to be at least 80% sure on a name by then. But how do we find middle ground with Bailey and Florence?

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    Would he accept Florence if her nickname was Wren?
    I will mix the tomboyish and more masculine names with the ultra frilly ones you prefer, and make a list as follows:
    Ashtyn, Ashlyn, Kelsey, Chelsea, Sidney, Elisabeth with the nn Seth or Libby or Libba~

    Colby, Tobiah(tobi as a nn), Brielle, Aubrielle, Micah, Eve, Eva, Iris, Ivanna, Camille with Cammi as a nn~

    Adrienne, Quincy, Melody, Melanie, Marion, Harmony, Halle, Meadow, Willow or Josephina with nn Jo, jo-jo, joey, josie, fiona, jeph/jeff, joni, etc

    Dominique and nn options : minni, niqi/nikki, mike, miqa(mee-kah), micki/miqie, etc

    Damaris/Demaris/dah-MAIR-iss= demi, marie, mary, rhys, etc

    Lark or Larkin, Jada or Jaycee, Jillian with Ian or Jillie or Jani as a nn, Augusta with austin, asha(awsha), aura for a nn

    Clio/Cleo, Juneau/Juno, Rhiannon, Inga, Hazel, Heidi, Callista with the nn Callie, lisa, allie, or cat

    Let me know if this helped at all after you go through them with Hubby Hopefully you'll both agree on something. Please let me know if you'd like any more suggestions or feel free to message me.

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    I think a solution could be giving her a feminine name with a masculine/unisex nick (like Samantha -- Sam; Charlotte -- Charlie etc.)

    Have a look at this thread perhaps?
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    How about something classic and girly for you with a boyish nickname for him:

    Alexandra nn Alex, Charlotte nn Charlie, Josephine/Joanne/Joanna nn Jo/Joey, Samantha nn Sam, Roberta nn Bobbie, Theodora nn Teddie, Georgina nn Georgie, Michaela nn Mickie etc.

    Or if it's the surname vibe he likes, there's a few names that are girls/have turned to the girls side and are used as surnames but are seen more as first names: Rose, Ashley, Grace, Paige (alright, the surname is usually spelt as Page), Gale (Gail) - and those are just off people that I know, I'm sure there's more out there. Names that are seen more as first names first and surnames second, but still have a history of usage as both.

    Other compromises: Madeleine - he likes Madison, both use the same nn Maddy, but Madeleine/Madelyn is more classic in your style.
    Hayley/Kayleigh - rhymes with Bailey but are more definitively girly, though not necessarily "classic". Hayley also has Hayden's start, like a cross between the names.

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    Feminine first name, unisex middle name?

    Florence Taylor
    Victoria Sawyer
    Harriet Bailey
    Eleanor Teagan
    Raphaela Hayden
    Martha Madison

    Or maybe he'd like Harriet nn Hattie?

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