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    Do sibling names need to be similar in terms of popularity?

    Do sibling names need to be similar in terms of popularity??

    Margo (not in top 1000)
    Stella (62)
    Iris (282)
    Cora (155)
    Lucy (66)

    *Should I kick Margo out.. Or find names less popular, like Margo?

    I'm worried if I have a Margo and a Stella for example their popularity is so different would that matter? Margo may never know anyone her age with that name and Stella may be 1 of 5.. Should sisters (which I'm more worried about right now, since most of my boy's names are similar in popularity, anyway) be similar popular-wise??

    I trust you!!! . THANKS!

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    I don't think so, Margo and Stella sound great together and that (and you loving the names) is what should count. I'm always more worried about picking names that are similar, like all modern and trendy or all classic, and I think all of your choices go well in that way.

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    I do not think names need to be similar in terms of popularity. I have a pretty rare name that was ranked in the 500s when I was born and has declined since. I have probably met four people in my whole life that share the name. Both of my sisters have names that consistently rank in the top 100, with one of them hitting the most popular spot for several years surrounding her birth year. All of us like our names, they go well together, and none of us feels we got the short end of the stick so to speak by having a name that differs greatly in relative popularity.

    Additionally, popularity numbers do not necessarily reflect the amount of times one comes across a name in real life. I was shocked to see that Iris is ranked in the 200s while Margo does not even grace the top 1000. I have met a couple Margos, but never once met an Iris. Perhaps that is due to the multiple spelling variations of Margo.

    I hope that helps!

    By the way, Margo and Stella sound fabulous together.

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    I don't think there needs to be a similar popularity necessarily. Particularly in this case, as pp said Margo and Stella (and really all the names you have listed) go well together. I would be more concerned if you were interested in Stella and, idk, Iphigeneia; where they aren't equally recognizable and stylistically different.

    Also, while Margo/Margot/Margaux may not be in the top 1000, Margaret is 178 and there is a chance that many of them could go by Margo.
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    I agree with previous posters. I would be more concerned with the names going well together. I love the names you have chosen and they sound great together.

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