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    Husband doesn't like my names. I hate his names. Help.

    I'm freaking out because I finally sent my list to my husband, against my intuition because I knew it would be better to wait until a few weeks from my due date. But I got impatient. I'm 22 weeks tomorrow.

    Anyways, I spent months researching meanings and popularity (I prefer to stay out of the top 100 if possible) and editing my list. He spent minutes telling me he doesn't like my names (except for Everly which is the one I was kind of iffy about because Channing Tatum just used it) and then sending me back 4 names he liked, all of which I pretty much hated, including the boy name my good friend is using (he didn't know) and Camille which rhymes with his son's name the way we say it (Emile). Sometimes I think men just don't get it. No offense to any guys on here.

    So now I'm coming to you guys for help. Our daughter's name is Giovanna, like I said my stepson is Emile. I prefer names that you don't hear often. Here are the names I love:

    Alaiya/Alaia - Sublime, risen/exhaulted/ascended
    Aurelie - Golden
    Everly - wild boar in woodland clearing “its recent choice by sexiest man in the world channing tatum will inevitably propel it higher.”
    Evita - Life
    Mariah - Beloved
    Saphira - Sapphire
    Saraiya/Soraya- The Pleiades (brightest group of stars in the sky)
    Violet - Violet Flower

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    Well what names does he like? I know you hate them, but they would be helpful in deciding what names we should throw at you. You guys clearly have different naming styles, so we'd need to find a compromise somewhere in the middle. If we just went based off of what you like, chances are he would hate all of those too, because they're your style and not his. You know?

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    I think Evelyn could work really well here. It's beautiful with Giovanna (I like that the 'v' kind of ties them together), it's similar to Everly but your husband might be a lot more keen on it (as I'm gathering from Camille and Emile that he prefers more classic names). WDYT?

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    You are right. I should have included his names. I didn't want to give them any credence. Ha.

    These were his names:

    Olivia (pretty but #2 in USA--way too common)
    Cruz (one of my best friend's boy name, she's due 10 days after me, just found out yesterday she's having a boy)
    Sydney (I want to avoid place names esp if I haven't been there, plus this is so plain to me. Sidonie is much more my style, but already taken by a friend.)
    Camille (rhymes with our son's name)

    Btw, Verity *was* on my middle name list. And I like your names. Seraphine is great too.

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    That's the strange thing! I don't think he actually likes classic names. I just think he wanted to throw some names back at me. If he'd have actually thought it though, he would have seen that Camille rhymes with Emile the way we tend to pronounce it.

    I like Evelyn. I love V's in names. But I prefer a bit more unique than that. I grew up with at least one Aunt Evelyn. I guess I want a name I never really heard through out my life. I know. I'm feeling really difficult and hormonal.

    Thanks for your help. I don't usually get so mad at my husband. It's weird.

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