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Thread: Too Weird?

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    Too Weird?

    I'm slightly obsessed with the name Ever lately and my husband actually thinks its cute which barely happens. BUT I can't convince myself that it wouldn't be weird to name a child Ever. It seems extremely out of place with our children's names. His 2 daughters are Reese and Adelyn and my son is Henry.
    It's too weird to use, right? I'm just being crazy, right?

    I just love the sound of Ever Johanna...hmmm.

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    As far as sounding out of place with your other kids' names, yes it does. However as a name itself, I love Ever. But alot of people might disagree.
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    The only name it sounds out of place with is Henry. Ever fits well with Reece and Adelyn.
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    It does not sound so weird, for me it just sounds a bit unfinished - I would probably use Everly instead since I like the sound better.

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    We named our children as individuals and didn't worry about how they sounded together as long as they weren't rhyming. Our naming choices had more to do with what we loved at the time and our relationship with that child, so for me, if I loved it, that would probably trump whether or not it 'fit' with my existing children's names (I find it hard to tell anyway, classic vs romantic vs trendy vs hippie etc!). Fwiw, I think Ever is cute. :-) Good luck!

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