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    Am I pronouncing Genevieve right?

    Hi again Berries!
    So I obviously love Genevieve but kind of made up my own pronunciation.
    I sadly don't like the gen-uh-veev pronunciation due to the fact of the Gen beginning. I have a cousin Jen so I'm worried that if we use this name for a girl that she'll end up being Gen, Genna, or Genny. The french pronunciation is better but no real nickname. Plus my fiance and his family wouldn't pronounce it correctly. I was think something like Jhon-uh-veev. If that makes sense? So kind of like Shawn or the french pronunciation of John. Is that a different name like Guinevieve? Is that made up? I kind of like VeVe or Eve as a nickname.
    Thank you!

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    I really don't like this idea, to be honest. Everyone will pronounce it using the more familiar pronunciation. Using the French pronunciation would be a bit pretentious in an English speaking context unless there was a legitimate reason for it, but using a made up pronunciation is just asking for trouble and constant corrections.

    VeVe and Eve both make perfection sense as nicknames for Genevieve with the gen-uh-veev pronunciation. If you're worried about people using Gen, Genna, or Genny, just explain to them that you prefer Genevieve, VeVe, or Eve. If you catch them using one of the nicknames you don't like, correct them. Much less hassle than completely changing the pronunciation of the name.

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    I agree entirely with Nono

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    I'm going to have to agree. Genevieve is a hard enough name given that it can be pronounced jen-uh-veev or jen-uh-vee-ehv. Trying to superimpose a non-standard pronunciation is going to be difficult and can come off as a little pretentious (unless you are French or bounce between countries).

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    I'd call a Genevieve (pronounced jen-uh-veev) Vivi or Eve or Evie long before I'd make up a whole new pronunciation for Genevieve. I like Genevieve.

    If I wanted Vivi or Evie and French with no chance of Gen/Jenny, I'd go with Evangeline or Vivienne. If I wanted a long pretty G name, I'd go with something like Gwendolen, Gwyneira (gwen-EYE-ra) or Giselle or something.

    Jhon-uh-veev is a non-starter for me, sorry.

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