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    Name the Babies #2, G3 Results (wanderlux)

    1. Jane and George Pittman met at their local ice skating rink when they were sixteen. They have two sons, Jack and Jonah, a daughter, Ginny and twins, Julie and Josie. The next round will be about Ginny and Jonah.

    DW: Jane Finlay (40)
    DH: George Oliver (40)

    DS: Jacob Thomas (meganlee2012) (18)
    DD: Genevieve Alexis (drvc) (15)
    DD/DD: Juliette Olivia / Josephine Rachel (ismene) (12)
    DS: Jonah Phillip (acl) (8)

    2. Meredith and Theodore Barrick met because at church when they were kids. They have a son, Ezra, a daughter, Kez and two sets of triplets, Phoebe, Ruth and Jonah, and Abel, Jeth and Sarai. The next round will be about Ruth and Abel.

    DW: Meredith Eliza (40)
    DH: Theodore Link (40)

    DS: Ezra Nathaniel (bb) (15)
    DD/DD/DS: Phoebe Genevieve, Ruth Penelope, and Jonah Alexander (emitheduckling) (14)
    DD: Kezia Beatrice (sis) (13)
    DS/DS/DD: Abel Alphonso & Jethro Augustus & Sarai Adelaide (shanade213) (11)

    3. Rose and Harry Lemser met through their little sisters, Eleanor and Sadie. They have three daughters, Elodie, Rory and Delphine, and twins, Tessa and Coralie. The next round will be about Elodie and Rory.

    DW: Rosa Lindsey (40)
    DH: Harry Thomas (43)

    DD: Elodie Mae (bb) (15)
    DD: Aurelia Charlotte (oboeplayer1 + dvrc) (14)
    DD/DD: Tessa Lauren/Coralie Elaine (bb) (11)
    DD: Delphine Claire (acl) (8)

    4. Sadie and Charlie Merritt met at the mall in college, when they were working in the food court. They have two sons, Gus and Matt, and two daughters, Rose and Bea. The next round will be about Gus and Matt.

    DW: Sadie Amelia (40)
    DH: Charleston James (40)

    DS: Augustin Kobe (oboeplayer1) (16)
    DS: Matteo Hudson (emitheduckling) (14)
    DD: Rosalia Brighton (danni) (10)
    DD: Beatrice India (sis) (7)

    5. Florence and Will Davey met in police training. They have two daughters, Imogen and Evie, and two sons, Gus and March. The next round will be about Evie and March.

    DW: Florence Mary (40)
    DH: William Henry (40)

    DD: Imogen Willow (bb) (13)
    DD: Evangeline Flora (marinadancel17) (12)
    DS: August Imanuel (shanade213) (10)
    DS: March Ivander (ismene) (8)

    6. Penny and Bennett Bean met over the phone, through a wrong number. They have one son, Edison, two daughters, Aria and Ivy, and twins, Penny and Ben. The next round will be about Penny and Ben.

    DW: Penelope Claire (30)
    DH: Bennett Micah (30)

    DS: Edison Collin (shanade213) (8)
    DD: Aria Molly (shanade213) (5)
    DD/DS: Penelope Quinn and Benedict William (emitheduckling) (3)
    DD: Ivy Annabel (oboeplayer1)

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