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    Down to 2 names. (And my mom hates one of them!) Help!

    We are down to two names:

    Hazel or

    Any thoughts? My mom told me this weekend she hates the name Hazel, so now I am even more lost than before. Her opinion really matters. We absolutely love both names. Please give honest opinions!!!

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    Personally, I like Acadia better. It's unique without being over the top. My only concern is that it would be shortened to "Cady," which I think it actually really cute, but you might not like if you're going for unique because of its similarity to Katie.

    I have never been able to get behind "Hazel" because my early memories include my grandmother using witch hazel for everything from stomach flus to scraped knees, so that's automatically where my mind goes.

    However, I find that Hazel is very popular here, and I bet most people don't even know what witch hazel is If you like Hazel better, then I am sure that your mom would grow to love it if it's attached to her granddaughter. If you really like both names equally, then I'd go with Acadia.

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    Personally, I prefer Hazel. And I would go with something, even if my mom hated it (she's important to me, and one of my best friends ever, but she's made it clear she doesn't want her opinion changing what I name my future babies. I won't even discuss my names with family when I'm actually expecting or am going to adopt). I know she (and the majority of my family, honestly) aren't fans of my top choice for either gender. My brother finds Isabelle too close to Isabella/Bella Swan (despite the number of years that it's been since Twilight blew over?!), and my mom doesn't like the nn Bella (which I love). I used to attend a very small church school for elementary school, and the principal started a gymnastics troupe in our school that would perform for neighboring schools, and he was sort of this "clown" that sort of egged everybody on and was the whole comedy of the routine. His name--you guessed it!--was "Bella the Clown" and now my mom is sure that Bella is a boys' name. hahaha. And my sisters are begging me never to use Caleb because it reminds them of this guy they (and I!) went to high school with. He was a nice guy, a really nice guy, actually, but they never liked him. I'm not sure why. Oh, well. I still would use them, if I had the chance. Hazel's beautiful, and if you use it, your mom will grow to like it because she likes your daughter. I think Acadia Hazel or Hazel Acadia would be lovely, if you want to use both. Maybe she'd be less opposed if you used Hazel, but just not up front? Or would you want to save Hazel for a second daughter?
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    Personally, I prefer Hazel. Acadia is The name of an off-brad of water. Hazel is just so pretty and once she sees that baby, she won't care about the name. Pick whichever one you really feel is right. Good luck!
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    Hazel is prettier and more feminie sounding than Acadia in my opinion! However, Acadia is unique and not as common! I love A names too!!

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