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    I had a college professor who was a Gladys and she was an amazing woman. I feel like if you enjoy the name and it had meaning to you and your family then do it. People will learn to love the name through your child.
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    Names ending in "us" are in for boys so Gladys might benefit from that trend. I think it's usable with all the crusty grandparent names given to babies and it's just as nice as Walter, Agnes, Theodore, and Edith.

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    I kind of like it - I think it has a pretty sound - but I think it's a little too old-fashioned to use. Plus, I see G-Lady-S when I look at it written down which isn't that appealing to me. I don't know. I'm kind of lukewarm on this name. I think if I met an adorable little girl named Gladys, I would grow to love it.

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    I had a conversation with my family about Gladys the other day. I think it's ADORABLE... they all (including my 87 year-old grandparents) disagreed. My grampa said he went to grade school with a Gladys and they called her "happy bottom" (not to her face, but still).
    I've decided I'm going to name my (future) cat Gladys. It's so sweet, in my opinion, but I do realize I'm in the minority.
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    Blech...Gladys is just so dated and the 'gl' sound is half of the word 'ugly'.

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