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    I posted this on the Baby Names forum, but I'll try this one since I didn't get any responses

    Hi All! My hubby and I are having a hard time locking down a name that we like for our 3rd child. We already have a daughter named Coryn and a son named Owen.
    Here are the names we have so far:

    Charlotte (nn Charlie)
    Josephine (nn Josie)
    Mackenzie (nn Max)

    Our last name is Irish, 2 syllables, starting with an F and ending with a Y

    Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!!

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    Welcome to Nameberry and congratulations on your pregnancy!

    Out of your list, I like Charlotte and Lily best with Coryn and Owen. I think I would steer away from names like Jordyn since it sounds so similar to the other two names and could get confusing. Ashlyn could work, but I think it would be better to use a name that did not end with an "n."

    Other ideas:
    June (I like the way the sound matches with the other two names without sounding too similar!)

    I hope that helps!
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    Charlotte (nn Charlie)- Doesn't really work with the other names, imho.
    Josephine (nn Josie)- Love this!
    Mackenzie (nn Max)- Doesn't work with the surname, as it ends with a -y sound... it will be rhymy/ choppy.
    Lily- Not a fan, as the surname ends with a -y sound
    Alice- Works so well! It's distinguished, and classic.
    Jordyn- Too trendy and modern to fit with the others. Plus, the y seems a bit overkill.
    Ashlyn- Not a fan... then all the names are 2 syllables, ending with an N, and the sisters share a y.
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    I think Alice is the best if Coryn is pronounced Corrine.
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    Thank you! It's been super hard because sometimes we think that we dug a hole for ourselves naming our first two ending in -n and feel stuck with naming our third ending in an -n. It also doesn't help when our oldest puts in her two cents about the name. I like all the other suggestions! Considering Lila now!

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