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    I think I like Cleo or Elowen with Forrest and they are both fine names.
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    Bellamy -- This is actually really growing on me the past couple weeks. I don't think I'd ever use it, but I find it very nice on a little one.
    Bess -- A little too nick-namey for me.
    Blaise -- Not a girl's name in the first place, so not a fan.
    Bronwyn -- Meh.
    Chelsea -- Very 1980s. A little too dated for me.
    Cleo -- I don't mind Cleo or Clio... they are just okay.
    Eden -- Never really liked it.
    Edith (Edie) -- Kind of cute, but definitely not my style.
    Elena -- Depends on the pronunciation. I like eh-LAY-nah, do not like eh-len-ah
    Eliza -- Really like, especially as a nn for Elizabeth.
    Elowen/Elowyn -- Kind of in the same pool as Bronwyn.
    Everest (Evie - short E sound) -- Really not a fan, and sounds very masculine to me.
    Evita -- "Don't cry for me, Argentina!" Annnnd now I have that stuck in my head.
    Halston (Hallie) -- Another I find too masculie.
    Hollis -- I actually don't mind this more masculine one, maybe because of the similarity to Holly.
    Leah -- Not a bad name, but a bit tame compared to others on the list.
    Luciana (Lucy) -- I really like this one a lot. Lucy is very wearable, but Luciana has a kick that ramps up Lucy.
    Mariela -- Okay. Not a huge fan, but I do like it better than...
    Mayela -- Which looks a bit made up to me.
    Mia -- Similar to Leah, just seems a bit tame in this list.
    Mila -- Pronounced mee-lah, I really like it. It is simple but spunky. Pronounced my-lah I'm not a huge fan.
    Naia -- nah-ee-ah? Not even sure how to pronounce this one. Seems a bit made up.
    Noelle -- Okay. Ditto Leah and Mia.
    Sienna -- A good name, I guess, just not my style.
    Soledad -- I know this is a legit name, I just can't get behind it.
    Sybil -- Love this one. Love, love, love.
    Tess/Tessia -- I like Tessa, with Tess as a nn, but not a fan of Tess alone or Tessia. Actually, Tessia sounds like some sort of electronic equipment...

    My favorites with Forrest....
    Forrest and Bellamy
    Forrest and Eliza
    Forrest and Luciana (Lucy)
    Forrest and Mila
    Forrest and Sybil
    Marilyn Margaret Lucille
    Seraphine Lorelai Danielle

    Shane Benjamin Lee
    Sebastian Roger James

    Mommy to David Theodore John "Teddy" ~ June 2016

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    I love Elowen and Luciana!!! I also like Cleo and Eden. I think Forrest & Elowen would be a lovely sibset!
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    I love Mariela! It jumped out at me from your list. So adorable. Forrest and Mariela. I love it. They give me different feelings, but still somehow go together, they are both great.

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