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    GUILTY: I'm a Nameberry nerd who loves Hayley and Zoe! Opinions/advice please?

    I feel like it goes against the name nerd attitude that I have always had, but I truly love these two names (enough to keep on a short list for the hospital). I admit that I kind of roll my eyes when I hear of another Ava or Peyton coming into the world and even think "oh, how boring." I fear that this would be the general reaction to either of these names. I'm not so much in search of a "unique" name but I did think I wanted one that isn't heard everyday anymore. Growing up a Katie, I like the idea that my child won't have the last initial basically as part of her first name. Will Hayley or Zoe always be Hayley M. or Zoe M.?

    Also, there's the issue of spelling. Normally I am hands down, go with the original. However, with Hayley, I don't think many people outside of the Nameberry world would think this is the original (in my area of the US anyway). I'd hate it to be confused with other names that people stick Ys in whenever they can to make it more feminine or unique. Also, my last name ends in Y- think McCarthy- and I wonder if that's a bit Y heavy. I used to prefer the Haley spelling and its straightforwardness but worry that it would be mispronounced as Halle/Hallie (I know I'm in the minority but I don't care for the sound of Halle). And lastly, there's Hailey.. I really have no major problem with this one other than that if she is called "Hale" or "Hales" for short it would be spelled as "Hail"-- as in the weather element. Which spelling would you recommend?

    I don't have major spelling concerns with Zoe.. other than another sigh of guilt that lately I have been preferring the "Zoey" spelling. Just can't decide whether I could allow myself to divert from the original. Any help or thoughts on either of these two names would be very much appreciated. I'm about 5 weeks from my due date now, and while we don't know the gender, I'm obsessing over finding girl options that we like (having a very hard time!). Sibling names are Mason and Brenna. Thank you!!

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    I'm a Haley from Canada, no one's ever mispronounced my name as Halle/Hallie I hate Hailey though. Hayley's a much nicer spelling. I definitely prefer that. However, my name's always misspelled. I get;


    and so on.

    I have to admit, Hayley, Mason and Brenna sound adorable together! Zoe just isn't my style, and I've never liked it. (I don't like my own name either though, LOL).

    Hayley would likely be fine. My name was 56th when I was born, and I didn't have another Hayley/Hailey in my class until I was 16, and until I've only ever met 1 Haley where I live.

    If you'd like middle name ideas, Mine's Alannah (pn Al-on-nah)


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    I have the same quirk : ) I love the name Zoe and Ava, and plead guilty to Halle too (though not enough to ever want to use it). I can't sympathize with you on Hayley though, because all I ever hear is, "Hey, Leigh" or "Hey, Hayley", and it reminds me of hay. I also tend to prefer the Hailey spelling. Where I live, Hayley could be safely qualified as a trendy name (borderline tryndee), but Zoe is still -and probably will continue to be- just popular.

    As far as Hayley goes, I can't help you there with alternative names, but for Zoe I can. The "seventh most popular girl's name combined with all the alternate spellings" thing made me change my mind about it, so I changed the pronunciation to the French one (zo-ay) and decided to put a accent over the 'e'. But then I decided that it was still the same popular name, and then *poof*, I found Zea (zay-uh); Needless to say, I solved my problem : )
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    I think we all love a few of those! I used to ADORE Hayley, and still like it very much. I feel like it's been so overused over so many years though, that it's lost its lustre. I love Zoe, though--I love the strangeness in that it feels modern, but it's been in use for nearly a thousand years, at least! It stems from an actual Greek word, and it's so sprightly and youthful, but I have known a woman named Zoe who is probably in her sixties now, and she wore it so well. I'm intrigued by Zoe's complexity--and I love it in general! I can't really see me with a Zoe, but I love it as a middle. I think Mason, Brenna, and Zoe would be delightful, and there are a lot of Irish middles that would work well with it (Zoe Moira, Zoe Aoife, Zoe Aislinn, Zoe Fiona, etc. I would actually really love to see Zoe Eilidh, but Eilidh is Scottish, not Irish, and Zoe Eilidh McCarthy would be a lot of "E"!). I would love to see you use Zoe. I really like some of the other options you'd tossed around in the past--particularly Ivy and Rachel!--though, too.

    Good luck!
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    @lawsonhaley- It's nice to hear input from an actual Haley, thank you! I'm surprised to hear that you don't care for the Hailey spelling.. in my mind, since that one is the most popular, that would be the safest route with people spelling and pronouncing it right, etc. Very reassuring though that you aren't ever called Hallie! I don't know what it is about Hallie/Halle, but I have known so many Allies that I guess I just tired of the sound. I'm thinking if I go the Haley route, I'll use Maeve as a middle, or POSSIBLY Colleen.. but thank you for the ideas!

    @chrisco- Thank you for the input! I think you are right that Hayley is a trendier name, while Zoe is just a popular name. l feel like I hear of more little ones named Zoe than Hayley anymore, though, which brings me back to my Zoe M. fear! I appreciate the alternative names, but unfortunately for me, none are satisfying enough to help me throw the others out! I am leaning towards dropping the Hayley spelling.. like you said, it would be thought of as "tryndee" I think by most, at least where I am from. Even as a longtime name nerd, I was even surprised to find that that was the original spelling. Appreciate the feedback

    @ashthedreamer- I'm always happy to see when you respond to my posts, ha! I am a fan of your style so I am always interested to see your opinions. Appreciate you remembering my situation and Irish ties, too I'm curious what you make of the spelling dilemma with Hayley. If you could get beyond the lack luster of the name (which I totally understand) how would you spell it for your own list? I fear that using Haley or Hailey is just succumbing to the trend but I really think in real life Hayley would just be seen as "kre8tiv." Being a berry has really clouded my judgement in some ways! Thank you for the feedback on Zoe, too! I think our middle choices for Zoe/Zoey would be Colleen or Kathleen.. both Irish and actually have some family significance. I've posted countless times throughout this pregnancy so many names that were once contenders are not anymore, including Ivy I believe My husband was never big on it and I didn't know if it was "the one" to fight for. Rachel is still on the list though.. it's just missing my ability to commit (maybe that day will still come, though). Thank you again!!

    Any other feedback would be greatly appreciated. Particularly how popular you think these names truly are in your area, and what your spelling preferences are. Thank you

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