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  • Isabella

    20 37.74%
  • Anastasia

    33 62.26%
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    Well, even though I accidently chose Anastasia on the poll (clicking too fast!), I do prefer Isabella. I don't dislike Anastasia, I can understand why people love it and I feel I should like it more, but it just doesn't do anything for me, I'm afraid. I have the same opinion on Sebastian for a boy, and I know it's also very well-loved.
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    I prefer Anastasia to Isabella.. Though I prefer Isabelle to Isabella.. And I prefer Annabel to Anastasia.

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    I voted Isabella, but I wish neither had been an option. Isabella is so popular that I am tired of hearing it. Anastasia has always seemed like name overload. Too fluffy, too long, too everything.

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    I think Anastasia is regal, elegant, feminine and overall more beautiful. While Isabella is a beautiful name also, it feels a little more juvenile to me.
    Also, Isabella is obviously very popular, but I feel like Anastasia is quickly rising in popularity also. I don't know if this is something you take into consideration or not.
    Both name are great, but Anastasia is a clear winner for me.

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    Thank you all for your votes & comments :-)

    @tori101 : Thank you :-) :-) I couldn't agree more. I have the same feeling about Anastasia, that's why it's so hard to choose!!
    @hanniekitt : Thank you :-) I understand you!!! I have the same feeling about Claire! It seems that is a name everyones love but I I can't see the appeal.
    @rachelxoxo : Thank you :-) I love Annabel & Isabelle as well but I prefer Isabella & Anastasia. Although few years ago I really wanted to name twins Isabella & Annabel ;-)
    @boyandgirl : Thank you :-) :-) I haven't thought about that option.I should have added it. I understand if you don't love any :-)
    @asche926 : Thank you :-) I don't mind the popularity issue at all. I also thought that Anastasia is going to rise in the charts.

    Well, i'am just confused :-P

    Thanks again all of you :-)

    Other opinions are also welcome :-D

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