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    Anything works in Europe, it's a tiny continent with lots of languages and people are (for the most) open minded about unfamiliar names, most cities are melting pots of nationalities now anyway. I think the biggest problem might be in France and some of the most eastern East European countries.
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    I don't think any country in Europe wil be a problem. But every country (language) will have it's own way of pronouncing names. And plenty of names are known one way or another in most countries. Margot/Margaux for instance can be pronounced in just about every language in Europe. I think you have the biggest chance of succes when you use either a French name or an English one.

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    To bibliophile: the German pronunciation would make Veronica sound like 'Feroneeca' - the 'v' sound is an 'f' sound in German. Still pretty versatile though.
    I was thinking that Camille/Camilla was fairly versatile, as well as Lucy/Lucia and Elena.

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    We're an expat family but we move across Asia rather than Europe. Elizabeth wouldn't be the easiest name to pronounce here, it doesn't really matter if something is "classic" in one country if no-one in the country you live in has ever heard of it
    Our daughter's name Mila has been a good pick - simple and easy to pronounce in many languages.
    Then again, sometimes you can just get unlucky. I once worked with a woman called Alex in a part of India where "alex" sounds remarkably like a sexual slur in the local language.

    I don't think you can cover most eventualities, particularly as many expat families work on a 1-2 year contract basis so are frequently moving countries. However, picking something simple and avoiding troublesome combinations like th or sh or r (at least in some parts of Asia) can be helpful.
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    I ask this because in the distant future when I have a family, I would like to consider us moving to Germany, Austria or Czech Republic (my great-uncle and cousin live in Hamburg, North Germany - which I've visited often and I love).
    Thanks! These suggestions are great, anymore are welcome!
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