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    Since dogs have become almost "canine children" for some people, many human names are now also dog names. I wouldn't let it worry you too much as we would have to eliminate many favourites from our lists if we take all of the dog names in consideration. Are you listening Jack, Max, Jake, Bella, Daisy, Molly and Charlie? Woof!
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    I think of it way more of a cat name than a dog name, but I love it most when used on humans : )
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    My name's Lucy, no big deal, hahah. Now, if the dog were named Fluffy and that was making your short list, then I'd be concerned
    Your neighbours used a person name on a dog, you like people names... Lucy is a person name, not a dog name. That'd my argument, anyway.
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    My family dog was named Lucy, but I really love it on a little girl as a nickname for Lucille. Not sure I'd use it, but I would consider it. My sister named one of her children the same name she used on a cat when we were growing up, though, because she loved it so much, and now I only associate the name with my nephew. I say use Lucy is you love it. You'll hardly think of the neighbor's dog once your new baby is here, anyway.

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