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    I like dog names!

    My husband and I were all set on the name Lucy for our girl who's due in March and then my neighbors got a new dog and named it Lucy. I had always known it was popular as a dog name but I didn't know anyone personally who owned a dog with the name, so I was still okay with using it because I loved it. But now this seems sort of weird. Should we move? Just kidding Do you think it would be strange if we still used it?

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    No...frankly, I know many more Lucy girls than Lucy canines...come to think of it, I'm not sure I know any dogs named Lucy. The only reason I'd say not to give your child a "dog name" is if it were Spot, or if you personally have ever used the name on a pet. I've never had this problem because all of my pets were given Shakespearean elf names (Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Mustardsteed, the works), but I would think that having a loyal dog Stella and a little girl Stella might be awkward.
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    Use Lucy. It will be fine.
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    I know exactly what you mean!! I was so sure for so long that I didn't want kids that I have had cats named: Annabel, Georgia, Lola & Jack --all awesome kids' names!!!! My due-any-day son Lennox would for sure be Jack if we didn't have the cat.

    But when it comes to someone else's cat or dog???? Go with what you love. Poor Lucy-the-dog will have a much shorter life, you'll move, they'll doesn't matter if that name is "the one." Just ask my friend who named her daughter Annabelle long after I got my cat Annabel.

    Except Bailey. Bailey is a dog's name.
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    If you love Lucy, go for it. I think it's frustrating these days that most people give their pets "real" names, because it causes unnecessary angst when it comes to people babies! (Then again, if I ever had a pet--which I never will; I am so not a pet person!--it would be named either Bailey (b) or Clementine (g), so I suppose I'm being a wee bit hypocritical here. ) Lucy is lovely, and it never struck me as a pet name. As long as you're not naming your daughter after the dog, I think you're fine.
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