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    Your kindergarten class

    You are the kindergarten teacher and these are the children you see when you walk in on your first day. I will give you a description of the child, and you tell me what you would assume his or her name was.

    1. The first child you see is a chubby brown haired boy with brown eyes. He is smiling and seems like a very happy child.

    2. Next to this boy is a boy with dark blonde hair and gray eyes. He is wearing a striped shirt and high top sneakers.

    3. The next child you see is a pretty little girl wearing a tutu and pigtails.

    4. In the corner playing all alone is a girl with brown hair and freckles.

    5. The fifth child you see is a babbling red headed boy wearing overalls, and has too much energy.

    6-7. At a table with the red headed boy are twin girls who are coloring they are dressed in matching outfits of different colors and seem stuck to each other like glue.

    8. The next child you see is a handsome boy with jet black hair, somehow you get the vibe immediately that he is going to be the rebel of the group.

    9. Then you see another girl with hair so blonde it is white. She is the tallest of all the children in the class, and it appears that she chose her own outfit for school that day.

    10. The final child you see is a boy with a racecar backpack and a camouflage T shirt. He seems to be the typical five year old boy who very much believes girls have cooties.

    Have fun naming your class!

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