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    Thoughts on my top girls names

    Please let me know what you think of these names and perhaps number them your favorites in order. Some form of carol (Caroline, Caroline, Carolynn etc.) would most likely be used as a middle. Any thoughts and opinions are welcome!


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    Charlotte - I do like this name but I think it's become more popular by the day so I think I would go with Charlene instead. You still get the great Charlie as a NN with a twist.

    Annabelle - This name has great NN potential but I'm not 100% on it. Arabelle could be a great alternative to this.

    Ella - I think it's right along with all the other short but sweet girls names going around. It is a great name and if you don't mind the popularity it's a great choice.

    Emma - Same as above

    Lucy - I prefer Lucille NN Lucy but Lucy alone is an amazing name.

    Nora - Short sweet and to the point. Can't go wrong with this choice.

    Daisy - It's the name of my dog and many other dogs I know of so that distorts my opinion on this name for a little girl. Sorry.

    Georgia - I like the NN Gigi for this and reminds me of Gilmore Girls which to me is an amazing connection so I do like it.

    Overall I good list. Good Luck.
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    I like most of your names:
    Charlotte- Charlotte is my dog's name. So I love it.
    Annabelle- Prefer the Annabel spelling (and I know I'm the only one). I think it is a frilly, girly name, but not in a bad way. Not my absolute favorite but I like it.
    Ella- I wouldn't be suprised to meet one. Its a pretty name, but I don't see it aging well. It's so nicknamey to me.
    Emma- Prefer Emmeline, but I have recently started liking it despite its popularity. I know many though, which turns me off. Love the combo Emma Kate.
    Lucy- I think this one is a bit overrated. It's nice, but kind of boring because I hear it on hear all the time.
    Nora- I like Nora. I think it's classy and sweet and easy to spell. Also like it as a nickname for Eleanora.
    Daisy- I'm on the fence on this one. The flower is nice. I think it is little kiddish. Plus it has the not so morally awesome Daisy Buchannan tied to it (which might be why I don't love it) and the Mario character (the princess Peach with a yellow dress and red hair). But someone on here recently posted about naming their daughter and one of the choices was Daisy Madeline, and I fell in love with that combo. All in all, its an okay name with some good and bad qualities to it (in my opinion).
    Georgia- Love it. I think it is great, simple, easily spelled and underused. So much less old sounding than George is.

    I might have been a bit harsh. All in all, you have a good list, and I like all of them, but don't love most of them. I hope that helped!
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    Charlotte - Like a lot. It's feminine, but could be more "tomboy" with the nn Charlie.
    Annabelle - Prefer Annabel or just Anna, but I like it.
    Ella - Over it.
    Emma - Like, a little too popular for me though.
    Lucy - Like.
    Nora - Like but not as much as others.
    Daisy - This is more of a pet name or nn to me.
    Georgia - It grew on me but still not a favorite.
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    Daisy Caroline would be my pick.
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