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    No yooneek spellings. What's the point in those?

    Siblings should have the same amount of names. I know someone with four children: two with no middles, one with one middle and one with two middles and I think it's painful to look at. The inner namenerd in me feels so bad for the two boys who don't have middles.

    No name should be repeated in a sibset. My mum gave my sister and I the same middle and I think it's the worst thing. My middle name is my middle name, couldn't she have given my sister a different one? Makes me feel less special somehow. I also cringe when I see a sibset like (random/common Danish names) Alma Marie and Marie Emilie. Why would anyone do that? I'm so sorry, but that's just horrible.
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    My Rules...
    1. I normally wouldn't choose anything higher than 300 on the SSA list. I would, however, make an exception if I was REALLY in love with a name. This does not apply to middle names.
    2. No kr8tive or tryndee names.
    3. No reusing a letter unless I'm really in love with a name.
    4. First two kids have one middle name, third kid has two middle names. The fourth will also have two.
    5. Nothing extremely biblical.
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    I guess my main 'rule' as such is that the name has to have some sort of history or significance behind it. I really don't see the appeal of random word names, surnames as first names without any connection or meaning to that name (and usually without even a decent literal meaning behind it - I find the 'trade' names (Carter, Cooper, Mason et al. - do you really want your kid to make barrels?) and 'son of' names particularly perplexing) or, the worst of the worst, names that are just completely made up and have absolutely no meaning, history or significance at all.
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    1. Everyone gets their own initial (although I may be willing to repeat one if baby 4 is a girl).
    2. Has to have a family connection--My three boys all have family names for their middle name, my oldest also has a family name for his first name. We are struggling with this for another boy though. My husband doesn't care for any of the family names that are meaningful to us and we aren't really looking to just pluck something out of the family tree (No namesakes for great-great-uncles thrice removed here). I'm thinking that maybe to give him my initials or maybe some variation of Surnames from my family. Hopeful it is a girl and then we have a long list to work from.
    3. First name must be easily pronounced looking at it in print.--We are open to international and old-fashioned spellings, but if you can't look at it and say it the name is out.
    4. No negative meanings--I don't necessarily need the name to have some amazing inspirational meaning, (When we choose our 2nd son's name we thought it meant "slender") but I don't want a name that means something bad like rival. I am a little hung up on Marie though which means bitter and was the name of my most beloved Mormor, my middle name, and my MIL middle name.
    5. If we both love it none of the other rules apply. Sometimes you just know what baby's name is and nothing else matters

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    Our only rule is that it make us both smile every time we hear it. I guess that we love it. Most of our names are taken from literature or mythology, but that's more a preference than a rule.
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