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    Thank you nameweary
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    1) I have to LOVE it, & Corey has to like it as well (although he doesn't have to be over-the-moon in love with it like I would be).
    2) Needs to be intuitively spelled & pronounceable for the regular schmo. An uncommon name is great but bizarro spelling is not okay.
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    My only real rule is that it has to at least resemble a name (even if it isn't technically a name). I can handle things like Cedar, Seneca, Aspen and Callery, but I would never be okay with Breaker, Red, Twinkle or Feather.

    But some of my guidelines:
    It can't start with a B. Don't know why, that letter just looks atrocious to me.
    Has to be moderately easy to spell and/or pronounce.
    No ridiculous spellings. Averly doesn't have to become Aiyverleighh to make it unique.
    Not a top 10. I don't want to have my kid be one of 5 in a single classroom.

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    1. Cannot end in -a/-ah because all three of my step-children have that and a fourth tends to make it too much
    2. Cannot start with the same letter as the other children
    3. No "yooneek" spellings
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    I really don't have set rules, but generally the first qualification is it has to be a Saint's name, and if that doesn't work when I find a name I totally love; something that indirectly honors a saint or virtue or anything remotely religious (i.e the name Atlas honors St. Christopher because they both carried the weight of the world on their shoulders; Zea means "grain of wheat" which is very tied in with my religion; Pacific means Peace and has the water connotation to honor Mary, etc) Another "try to keep" rule is that girl's middles should somehow honor Mary. So it ends up being really fun trying to find the inevitable connection : )
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