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    What's your major baby name "rule"??

    Mine is NO unconventional spellings of common names. I grew up with a very common name (for the time at least) spelled a very UNcommon way. It has grown on me over the years, but growing up it was a nightmare constantly correcting people!!

    My kids will only have funky names that people will ASK how to spell or names that have obvious spellings. Think Seraphina or Thomas, but NOT Nikolas.

    What's YOUR naming rule?

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    1. DH must at least like it.
    2. Can't be trendy, especially tryndee.
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    The one hard and fast rule for both genders is I have to love it. If I have any issue with the name it's out. My son's name is Zachariah and it fits him to a T but I hate the NN Zach and wish we had found a different name for him.

    I have other rules for narrowing down the incredibly long list of names I love and they vary depending on gender.

    Biblical FN
    Saints MN
    and preferably ending in -ah but that's not a deal breaker

    Lots of NN possibilities
    Preferably long and luscious
    Family name for the MN
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    Well, we have a number of rules between my husband and myself, but the major one is just that it feels right (we like it, it suits the child, it fits in our family).

    I also have a traditional name spelled in a less-traditional way, but it has never made me feel as you do. Yes, most people spell it wrong, but I never felt like it was a big deal. I correct when necessary, but in most circumstances it don't worry about it. Like, does it matter if the barista at Starbucks spells my name correctly on my cup? Not really. I would definitely use a less-common spelling for a child's name if I preferred it, as long as it's legitimate (no kre8tyve spellings, though).
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    thatkathryngirl, I agree... everybody sees their name differently! Hopefully my kid doesn't grow up wishing she had a name more similar to mine (instead of the funky one she ended up with!) :-)

    Aimzright, love your names! And yes, Zachariah is so much more lovely than Zach!

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