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    I love it. It is charming and handsome.

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    I actually really like it! But I tend to love really 'old man' style names that others may think are weird! But the thing is, names like Harvey are def classic..I would much prefer a classic old fashioned name to some trendy, new age one. If you like it, use it! I've never heard of either of those stores you mentioned. Course there is the fast food restaurant Harveys but I think that might only be here in Canada?
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    I think it's cute! Maybe all those commercials are a sign that you're supposed to name your son Harvey!

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    Great name! I haven't thought of this name in a long time, but it made me smile when I just saw it posted
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    Thanks for comments! Forgot to say we are in NZ! Nice to hear others thoughts as keeping it a surprise from family and friends

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