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    Name the Baby - G3R4

    Kai Hugo Tomlinson and Marlowe Ariana Parker are fans of super out there names. They love weird, wacky unique names. They are expecting their third son. Except this time, Pascoe and Kapriella get a say in the matter. Pascoe wants a sporty name, Kapriella wants a more normal name, so that her little brother doesn't get teased at school. The name should still be unique, but less unique than before.
    DS: Pascoe Balthazar (10) (minisia)
    DD: Kapriella Odette (8) (hayitzsophia)
    DS: Bodhi Emmerson (4) (emitheduckling)

    Rowan Melissa Parker and Noah Douglas Reynolds are expecting another little boy. They want a 2 syllable name that is somewhat related to nature without being directly related, just like Echo, Rio and Atlas. For the middle name, it should be something that honours Rowan's sister, Ellery Thalia, who will be the godmother. Rowan and Noah prefer the name Thalia to Ellery, so would rather see something related to Thalia in the name (or just Thalia).
    DD: Echo Elizabeth (7) (shanade213)
    DS: Rio Drew (4) (shanade213)
    DS: Atlas Christopher (2) (minisia)

    Autumn Sage Watts and Leo Davis Tomlinson are expecting their first lone child, a boy! They love long fanciful names with cool, quirky nicknames. However, right now they are loving colour names, and are willing to sacrifice long, for colour. The name should start with a different letter than the siblings, (Not L, A, K, G, F, Z, or C), however, the middles should both start with the same letter (not N , F or J). The letters rule is very important, do not break it!
    DS/DD: Livingston Nathaniel & Alexandra NatalieVing & Andra” (lifesaboutmusic)
    DD/DD: Katerina Fauna & Georgiana FloraRina & Gia” (shanade213)
    DS/DS/DD: Finnegan James, Zachariah Jacob & Christabel JocelynEgan, Hari & Tabby

    Madeline Noelle Hudson and Cobalt Josiah Shwartz their second little girl! They would like a confident, strong girl's name. The middle name MUST be 4 syllables so that it ties in perfectly with Pierre (first born, 1 syllable) Bruno (2nd born 2 syllables) and Lucia (3rd born 3 syllables), however the less letters it has, the better! The first name should be just as uncommon (but not more or less) as the older siblings names.
    DS: Magnus Pierre (minisia)
    DS: Desmond Bruno (lifesaboutmusic)
    DD: Solange Lucia (logicpuzzler)

    Evie Rosalind Reynolds and George Henry Hudson are expecting triplet girls! They should have relatively uncommon names (like the older sisters), with interesting middle names (like the older sisters). The first names must have a nickname, (get more creative than Lucille nn Lucy please!). The nickname should be related to the name in a more indirect way. Ie. When george was little, he was Curious George/Monkey because of curious george). This time, I am going to be taking the names from different posters. (ie. poster 1 may say names A, B, C and poster 2 say names D, E, F and poster 3 say G, H, I so I will take names B, D, and H) So make sure all three names are great if you want all of them chosen!
    DD: Kaitlyn EvenieKit Kat” (allie1)
    DD: Madeleine Shae “Liney” (oboeplayer1)
    DD/DD: Monique Alyssa “Monkey” & Eloise Jana “Weezy” (shanade213)

    Olivia Piper Hudson and Theodore Felix Watts are expecting their 4th child to be a boy. He will be very nature oriented and will love playing in the trees and mud. He will love animals and riding horses, and for Christmas when he's 10 he will get a puppy. He will have medium brown hair, blue eyes and lots of freckles. What should his name be?
    Dear child genius: Margaret Faye (oboeplayer1)
    Dear artistic son: Marcel Pablo (logicpuzzler)
    Dear reading daughter: Mathilda Tess (kaydee218)
    Dear nature son:

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