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    Maybe Jessamine insteadof Tessamyn? I feel like a lot of people were pretty hard on you so I'll stay as positive as I can. First off, Will the baby already have a birth name? If so, can it be made part of your choices for her? We did that with our adopted daughter to keep a tie to her past.

    I love Annora, like Annalie and sort of like Teagan and Harper and Piper although trendy. Good Luck!
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    Cainley Dawn "Cain" - Not a fan. Cain, and Cainley, remind me of Cain & Abel. Not a great association.
    Finley Brooke - The flow is there, but the "Fin" half of Finley sounds boyish to me.
    Coralee Brooke "Cora" - I adore the name Coralee, but only spelled Coralie. Coralie Brooke or Coralie Ruth would be magnificent.
    Emmersyn Hadley Shelton - Really dislike the spelling. Just not my style at all, I'm afraid.
    Emmarie Dawn - I like the personal significance, but I tend to prefer the Emory or Emery spelling. Marie Dawn would be nice.
    Teaghan Hadley - Teagan Hadley is good, strong combo. I like Teagan Brooke as well, and Teagan Emery for that matter.
    Kyralee Ruth - Meh.
    Chesley Dawn (Brooke) - Too close to Chaselyn.
    Tessalee Brooke "Tessa" - Hmmm, I like Tessa as a standalone name, or perhaps Tessa-Lee Brooke. Tessa-Lee Ruby sounds best.
    Clairwyn Ruby - Hmm, I like this one a lot actually. How about Clairwen, though? Visually more appealing. I like Clairwen Ruth.
    Coralyn Hadley - Sounds very close to the name Coraline, which I adore. Coraline Ruby is dreamy.
    Rommley Dawn - How about Romilly? Romilly nn Romy Dawn?
    Tessamyn Ruby "Tessa" - Not a huge fan, sorry.
    Presley Brooke - Dislike.
    Taitley Dawn "Tait" - Dislike.
    Paisley Dawn - I like the fabric design, but not on a child.
    Taitlyn Ruby "Tait" - Disilke.
    Chanley Dawn - Dislike; similar to Chaselyn.
    Blakely Dawn - Meh.
    Annistyn Ruby "Anni" - All I hear is Aniston, as in Jennifer's surname.
    Landry Brooke - Landry sounds like laundry.
    Maylie Ruth - If you get past the similarity to the word "mail" and "male", it's cute. How about Maisie? Maisie Ruth is superb.
    Harper Hadley - A little repetitive. I like Harper, though. Harper Ruth?
    Piper Ruth - I like this one a lot.
    McLain Hadley "Lainey" - A little too surname-y for me; sounds like three surnames in a row. How about Lainey Brooke?
    Synclaire Hadley "Claire" - Again, too many surnames.
    Maddox Ruby "Maddi" - Dislike.
    Ellisyn Ruby "Elli" - Not a fan.
    Chancely Dawn "Chance" - Too close to Chaselyn.
    Annora Dawn "Annie" - Not a fan of Annie, but Annora Dawn is pretty.
    Rhaewyn Brooke - Dislike, but I love Rhonwen.
    Chandley Brooke - Dislike.
    Annalee Ruby "Anni" - Not a fan. Anneliese is lovely, though.
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    Blakely is my favorite!

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    Top 5: That are actually usable

    1. Piper Ruth
    2. Finley Brooke
    3. Blakely Dawn
    4. Coralyn Hadley
    5. Paisley Dawn

    Honestly, alternate or creative spellings make a name cute but bad cute. It like make my name for example, Miranda, like this. Myirranddah or Meiyranndaahhh. Same sound but people may think you're a bit ... weird. Stick to the normal spellings because they are all great names. like instead of Coralee it's Coralie or Annalee it's Anna-leigh.

    Best of Luck.

    P. S. I wasn't trying to be rude
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    My favorites here are
    Emmarie Dawn (Emery is one of my favorite names. I would never think to spell it this way but it makes sense with the family ties of Marie)
    Ellisyn Ruby (It flows well and is easy enough to pronounce when you see it, however trying to spell it from hearing it might be difficult)
    Piper Ruth (Simple and cute. Piper's modern feel balances well with the older Ruth)
    Harper - (I love the name, but not with Hadley as a middle name. Any of your other middle names would work better, IMO)

    Some choices that I feel shouldn't even be considered are
    Cainley, Chesley, Clairwyn, Rommley, Taitley, Taitlyn, Chanley, Landry, McLain, Synclaire, Chancely, Rhaewyn, Chandley

    Your other choices are not my favorite, but not totally deplorable either. Best of luck!
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