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    Please keep in mind that the site that you have picked for asking advice typically draws in people who like more traditional names that are classically spelled. Like others, many of your names are not my taste. That being said, take what everyone says with a grain of salt because they probably do not share your complete views of names. Now THAT being said, I do have some concerns with the list, esp. mirroring the comments of Mischa.

    First of all, I would caution using a unique or creative spelling. Keep in mind that this name will be your daughter's until she is an old, old lady hopefully. She will grow tired of having to correct others about the spelling of her name. Spelling also sends others in society subtle comments about education level and intelligence level whether they are warranted or not. I wonder at the idea that a little girl named Ellisyn or Clairwyn might grow up to be a doctor who is not taken seriously because of her first name. I also feel the same way about smoosh names in many cases. I can't help but think of the scene from Ted where he tries to guess the stripper name and says "is it one of the names I just said with something added to the end?" Like it or not, many people in our society associate smoosh names in such a way. Mischa was also very astute in noting that Annalee is very close to anally. Likewise, the names that begin with Tait- only make me think of the word 'taint'. Yikes! Steer clear!!

    Another point I would like to make: the endings to these names which you are fond of now and very trendy and 'right now' and in about 10 years they will start to feel veeeeery dated as the trend starts to fade away. Why not pick a more traditional version of the names you like so that they will have lasting power and still have charm? The Ellisyn of today I fear will be tomorrow's Barbara, Jennifer or Brittany.

    What I love from your list! (in the spelling I prefer):

    Ruby - I know you listed as a middle but it's my favorite of everything you have listed
    Harper - this is going to be very dated in a few years though too bc its so popular

    Variations on what you posted:

    Annalee --> Anna, Annabella, Hannah Lee, Anna May (she could go by both)
    Coralee --> Coralie (this is so fricking cute)
    Emmersyn --> Emerson (not my fave, but this has been the more accepted spelling)
    Tessamyn --> what's wrong with just Tessa. Beautiful name. Also Jessamine would be beautiful.

    Many of the other names I truly do not care for. Especially Annistyn. Why is Jennifer Aniston, whose last name is really Anistopoulas or something like that, inspiring this trend? I don't get it.

    Agree w/ others that Maddox, McLain, Blakely, Chancely, Presley and honestly even Finley sound too masculine.

    Good luck and congratulations on your adoption!
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    I love the names Emmersyn, Teaghan and Ellisyn for the first name and Ruby, Dawn or Brooke, however am not a huge fan of Hadley or Ruth for the middle name or Annalee, Chancely, Maddox, Cainly, Clairewyn or Finley. Also, instead of Emmarie, I think you should use Marie, Maria or something similar instead. You have great taste in names! I especially love your daughter's name, Chaselyn! I hope this helped!

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    Piper is my favorite. Maybe Piper Quinn if you are looking for a more unisex feel. Blakely Shelton only makes me think of the country singer Blake Shelton.
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    Anniston Ruby Shelton is great Presley Ruth Shelton is another good option, as is Annalie Ruth.
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    If you like Chesley, I would suggest Kelsey.
    Annora Dawn is gorgeous.
    I would pair Coralee or Coralyn with Ruth. The k sound in brooke makes it a bit less smooth with the K sound of the first name.
    I like Harper, but not paired with an H middle. Maybe Harper Ruth or Harper Brooklyn.
    Teagan Ruth is adorable. I'd consider Ruth as Teagan's middle name option.
    Anniston is ok as a girls first name, but only spelled this way, Annie as a nn is adorable, even Toni. Do you like Annabeth?
    Landry and Ellison I love.
    I would use Landry Ruth or Landry Hayden (instead of hadley and it is similar enough to the family name to honor it.
    I would use Ellison Ruth or Ruby, both are cute.
    My absolute favorite is Annora Dawn Shelton.
    My second favorites are tied between Harper and Teagan.

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