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    Cainley Dawn Shelton "Cain"- Dislike, reminds me if Cain & Abel, and Cain wasn't all that great of a namesake...... You might consider Ainsley
    Finley Brooke Shelton- Cute, a little spunky
    Coralee Brooke Shelton "Cora"- LOVE, I prefer it spelt with an 'ie' but love either way
    Emmersyn Hadley Shelton- Not my favorite, it just feels very masculine to me how about Emmaline ir Tamasin
    Emmarie Dawn Shelton- Normally I would I would suggest you spell it Emery, but I love that there's meaning behind the spelling.
    Teaghan Hadley Shelton- not my favorite, don't like the sound and there's not really any nicknames how about Taryn, Tasmin, Tierney, Tiernan
    Kyralee Ruth Shelton- much prefer Coralee, but you might consider 'Kirrily' (rhymes with cheerily)
    Chesley Dawn (Brooke) Shelton- too close to your daughters name. You might consider Leslie, Westerly, Esteley, or Wellesley
    Tessalee Brooke Shelton "Tessa"- LOVE, but prefer it spelt Thessaly, like the region in Greece. Though in this spelling the pronunciation is clearer.
    Clairwyn Ruby Shelton "Clair"- cute, but personally I would go with Claerwen, like the river
    Coralyn Hadley Shelton- cute, but prefer Coraline
    Rommley Dawn Shelton- ok, prefer the spelling Romilly
    Tessamyn Ruby Shelton "Tessa"- not my favorite, if you want a 'Tes' name I would go with Tessalee. But you might consider Tamsin?
    Presley Brooke Shelton- ok, not my favorite though, prefer Paisley
    Taitley Dawn Shelton "Tait"- sounds too much like 'stately', how about Taisie, Talia or Tayma
    Paisley Dawn Shelton- cute!
    Taitlyn Ruby Shelton "Tait"- would get confused with Caitlin, maybe consider Tatiana, Tatia, Tatum
    Chanley Dawn Shelton- not my favorite makes me think of someone trying to feminize Chandler, how about Ainsley , Shanelly,
    Blakely Dawn Shelton- ok but prefer others on your list
    Annistyn Ruby Shelton "Anni"- not my favorite, unless you are a huge Jennifer Anniston fan. How about Annabeth, Anastasia, Anastay, Andria, Anesse
    Landry Brooke Shelton- not my favorite. How about Lindy, Lacey, Leslie, Lindsay,
    Maylie Ruth Shelton- ok, I know a lot of parents adopting from China use this name usually spelt 'Mei' though
    Harper Hadley Shelton- ok
    Piper Ruth Shelton- prefer this over Harper, you might also consider Fifer
    McLain Hadley Shelton "Lainey"- sounds too masculine for my taste. How about Melain, Delainey, Adelaine, Alaine, Melaina, Madeleine
    Synclaire Hadley Shelton "Claire"- where I live Sinclair is a gas station, you might consider Clarimonde, Clarice, Claramay, Clarie, Maclaren, Decla
    Maddox Ruby Shelton "Maddi"- prefer this on a boy, how about Maxine, Maxime, Madro, Margaux
    Ellisyn Ruby Shelton "Elli"- ok
    Chancely Dawn Shelton "Chance"- too close to your daughters name
    Annora Dawn Shelton "Annie"- pretty
    Rhaewyn Brooke Shelton- not my favorite, how about Rowan, Rhonwen or Raven?
    Chandley Brooke Shelton- not my favorite
    Annalee Ruby Shelton "Anni"- I really want to love this one but it's just too close to analy for me. What about something like Annabelle Lee, or Anna Leigh
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    I'm not a fan of your naming style but these combos are ok.

    Finley Brooke Shelton
    Coralee Brooke Shelton "Cora"
    Kyralee Ruth Shelton
    Chesley Dawn (Brooke) Shelton
    Presley Brooke Shelton
    Paisley Dawn Shelton
    Blakely Dawn Shelton
    Landry Brooke Shelton
    Maylie Ruth Shelton
    Harper Hadley Shelton - trendy and popular so it may not be as unique as you think.
    Piper Ruth Shelton - see Harper
    Annora Dawn Shelton "Annie"

    I would eliminate these combos because the spelling is terrible. Giving a child a "unique" name is quite different than giving them one that no one will be able to spell.

    Emmersyn Hadley Shelton
    Emmarie Dawn Shelton (I like because my grandma was Marie)
    Teaghan Hadley Shelton
    Tessalee Brooke Shelton "Tessa"
    Rommley Dawn Shelton
    Tessamyn Ruby Shelton "Tessa"
    Taitley Dawn Shelton "Tait"
    Taitlyn Ruby Shelton "Tait"
    Annistyn Ruby Shelton "Anni"
    Ellisyn Ruby Shelton "Elli"
    Rhaewyn Brooke Shelton
    Annalee Ruby Shelton "Anni" - too much like "anally"

    Eliminate these combos because they're too similar to Chaselyn's name.

    Cainley Dawn Shelton "Cain"
    Chesley Dawn (Brooke) Shelton
    Clairwyn Ruby Shelton (this is my favorite, my husband says contrived) "Clair"
    Chanley Dawn Shelton
    Chancely Dawn Shelton "Chance"
    Chandley Brooke Shelton

    Eliminate these combos because the names are very masculine and unattractive. Personally, I wouldn't want a girls name to be more masculine than your son's names.

    McLain Hadley Shelton "Lainey"
    Maddox Ruby Shelton "Maddi"
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    Out of your names I like these with your other children:

    Emmarie Dawn Shelton (Emery is my favorite feminine spelling of this name, and I think Emery Ruth would be pretty!)
    Ellisyn Ruby Shelton "Elli" (I've seen this named spelled several ways, Ellason, Ellasyn, and the way you have it here)
    Annalee Ruby Shelton (This is the most classic of your choices, and although I love it, I'm not sure if it fits your naming style. I think it fits with the southern sounding aspect of Tanner and Parker, but Chaselyn is very different!)

    I think most of your middle names are interchangeable with these as well.
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    My Favorites from your list are Tessalee, Presley, Paisley, Blakely (or Blakelyn), Annistyn (sp. Anniston), Piper, and Ellisyn (sp. Ellison).

    Since your boys names end the same, you can use the same ending for your girls like: Blakelyn, Jessalyn, Seralyn, Addilyn, Berlyn, Devlyn, Emmalyn, Gracelyn, and Marilyn.

    You could also use a feminized boy or unisex name: Chandler, Geraldine (nn. Geri), Georgia, Riley, Dalton (nn. Dolly).

    More names that fit with your style: Jessamine, Maebelle, Cheyanne, Leanne, Annabelle, Loretta, Lilyanne, Janette, Annabeth, and Glorianna.

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