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    Talking brother or sister for Isla and Connor

    Hi there

    We have just found out we are expecting B3! Not sure of sex and won't find out. I don't think I'm happy with my b-list of names, so back to the drawing board! Would love to hear suggestions for a great sibset to go with Isla and Connor.

    For girls I like names like: Scarlet, Imogen, Audrey
    For boys... I'm totally blank... Owen and Liam were on the list when Connor came along.

    Thinking middle name will be:
    G - Abigail
    B - Colin



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    OOh - I have an Isla too! Mine is Isla Hope and her little brother's name is Grant William. We had also considered Henry and Samuel, and now that we are thinking of having a 3rd child our list includes Calvin and Wesley for boys and Audrey and Fiona for girls.

    FYI- we've gotten a billion copliments on our sib set Grant & Isla so I highly encourage the use of Grant

    P.S. there is another Isla in my town and her little brother is Finley and her big sister is Eva.

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    I love Owen with Isla and Connor too!! Owen is my brother's name so it's out for me, but if it weren't I'd be all over that!

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    I love both the names Connor and Liam, and would love to see them used together. Imogen Scarlet would be a dreamy combo as well.
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    I like Owen and Liam with Isla and Connor. However, I don't think either of them work with Colin in the middle. Is that pretty set?

    How about Rhys? Rhys Colin / Isla, Connor & Rhys. Or Rhys in the middle: Owen Rhys / Liam Rhys.

    Or Jude? Isla, Connor & Jude.

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