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  • Sylvie Lucia (loo-see-ah)

    18 36.73%
  • Sylvie Camille

    13 26.53%
  • Sylvie Lux

    7 14.29%
  • Sylvie Ramona

    11 22.45%
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    Finally decided first name, help with middle please!

    After going back and forth about a hundred times, we finally decided on Sylvie for the first name of our baby girl due any day now! We don't have the middle name pinned down yet, but here are our top choices:

    Sylvie Lucia (loo-see-ah): Love that this name means 'light', think it's a lovely sounding name.
    Sylvie Camille: Love the sound of this name, but don't want the whole name to sound too French.
    Sylvie Lux: Love that this name means 'light' and it's more unique than Lucia. Don't want it to seem trendy.
    Sylvie Ramona: Love that this name means wise protector, as this baby will be our firstborn, but not sure about the sound of it.

    Any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Aw, so glad you found the one you loved! Sylvie is adorable. Sylvia Lucia and Sylvie Lux are my favorites. *briefly fights internal battle over which to vote for* Oh, I voted for Sylvie Lucia! How cute! (she could be your Sylvie Lu)

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    I voted for Sylvie Camille. I adore both names!
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    I love the sound of Lucia, but the meaning of Ramona is just so sweet! I like the letter and sound variance in Sylvie Ramona, too.
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