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    When I started this thread I was still a little leery of Elisabeth because it's so normal and traditional and (though I hate to say this...) almost boring. But the nickname potential got me and now here I am with three pages of your brilliant ideas and wondering why I wouldn't like Elisabeth.
    Ashthedreamer -I love your unusual suggestions of Eliska and Elisee!
    lyraslife -Lyra is beautiful! I don't think it's too much of a stretch...does it really matter whether your nn is different from your full name? after all that's what nns are for eh.
    southern.maple - I like the hard p sound in Epsie; it has so much more character than its Ellie/Elsie/etc sisters. Which is also why I like Eliska when I don't like Elise/Elisa/Lisa/etc.
    I love the other ideas too -Libby/Tibby/Zia/Betsy/Ebbie and more. There are so many possibilities, a suitable variation for any personality or age; what's not to like about Elisabeth! Thankyou all for your responses and if you think of more I'd like to hear them!
    teenager crushing on a mix of vintage and not-so-vintage names:

    Susanna, Elisabeth, Andromeda (nn Romey/Andi), Aurora, Silver, Nova

    Frost, Rune, Reef, Ford, Ross

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