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    No, it doesn't immediately remind me of Miley (though goodness knows that's an awful connotation). I think it's a nice, unexpected name. Tell her not to let that ruin it for her : )
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    I recommend Silas it is a great name.
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    I love the name Cyrus. If I met a little boy named Cyrus, Miley would be the last thing on my mind.

    Honestly there is always going to be associations with a name. Growing up when I was in elementary there where two girls named Jill. One was a normal, one was "special". Now Jill is a perfectly fine name, as far as I know there are no known bad associations with the name. But normal Jill was teased because she shared a name with special Jill. Or you may choose a name then when the little boy is 2 the next crazy starlet might have his name. I once knew a guy named Stephen King. He was born 3 years before Stephen King's Carrie put him on the map. You just never know who is going to make head lines and with what name.

    If she loves Cyrus, it's an awesome name. She should go for it.

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    Tell her to check out the song "Cyrus in The Moonlight" by Empty Hats
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    I love Cyrus! Unfortunately, DH won't let me use Cyrus or Darius (he's from Iran), because he says the bad guys in movies are always named Cyrus (koroush), Xerxes (Khashayar) and Darius (Daryush). Casper is nice, but actually isn't familiar to most Iranians (nor is Jasper). DH is listing some off for me... we've got Sam, Zal, Kian, Kamran, Rayan, and Soren. It's MUCH easier to do this with girls' Persian names...
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