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    Cyrus? Is it too "Miley"?

    A friend of mine is considering the name Cyrus for her little boy due in January. She wanted a name reflecting some part of her ethnicity, something relatively unique but still a legitimate name and something that would be easy to say and spell. Cyrus is a Persian name (her Gma is from Iran) and it meets all of her requirements...and we thought it was cool that it was historically given to a lot of Persian kings. But what is the first thing--especially in the United States--that comes to mind when you hear Cyrus?


    She loved it when she first read it, but then when she realized that Cyrus = Miley Cyrus she kind of backed off. So...what do you think? Is that name too connected to Miley/Billy Ray? Would it bring too many comparisons right now, especially for a boy? Because it really is a lovely name and I've been trying to reassure her that 5-10 years down the line (when he is in school) that Miley Cyrus will be a distant memory and his classmates will have no idea who she even was. But she's still hesitant :-/


    Thank you all! Hopefully she'll listen to strangers who tell her the name is perfectly fine because she certainly wasn't listening to me

    And for those suggesting looking at other Persian names, she has Her short list is Avan, Jasper, Dastan, Rayan and Cyrus...but Cyrus was her favorite.
    She's also got separate Greek, Scandinavian and Hebrew lists, too, but since she already used Greek and Hebrew for her little girl she wanted to do Scandinavian and Persian for this one (and the Scandinavian middle name she picked out is her father's name, Frederick).

    She says Kaspar is a definitely no.
    Lol her name is Wendi (Casper Meets Wendy!)

    But she's more than willing to hear suggestions you guys have! MN will be Frederick, LN is Eriksson
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    I do think of the Cyrus family, considering how they've been so much in the news and on the radio lately, but the association will probably fade as young Cyrus grows up into an adult. Still, I'd want to avoid the remarks and associations as a child and teen, and there are many other wonderful Persian names that don't have such blatant connotations.
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    I have seen a little boy named Cyrus on TV. I think the name is usable! Besides Miley will be way older and hopefully not making headlines when your friends son is older! The comparison will eventually fade! I say go for it, its such an adorable name, and if it has a special meaning behind it then she shouldnt be worried. Maybe suggest she use it as a middle name is she is very worried about it.

    May i suggest Kasper, its also a Persian name, cute as a button too!
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    Cyrus does not make me think of those musicians. To me it brings to mind ancient kings, warriors, scholars, that sort of romantic historical image. Cyrus is one of my favorite names and I find it impeccably handsome. I'd tell your friend to go for it!
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    I like Cyrus. It doesn't make me think of Miley at all
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