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    Embry- I have Emberley/Emberly on my favorites list, but Embry I don't care for.
    I like Emery as well, Ember, or even Emberlyn, just not Embry. Cambrie is cute, maybe you like it as well as Embry?
    Meadow, Willow, and Sienna I like a lot.
    Sage, I like it, about as much as I like Paige. Short, pretty, feminine, etc.
    Paisley- It's ok. I don't mind it, but it is almost as though I am tolerating it. I am not judging you for liking it-I love some really weird names, many people on here would dislike many of the names I love. No offense.
    Sailor-This isn't really my taste
    Alia-I don't quite know if it is supposed to be AH-lee-yah, ah-LEE-ya, etc. Maybe it needs a different spelling.
    Lily- Is ok-cute enough, but I prefer Lillian in full.
    Winter isn't my taste really. Do you like Autumn? I actually even like January with Janny as a nn, so maybe I have more of a quirky taste than most.

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