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    Embry: Reminds me of embryos or emery boards. Really not a fan of this one. Also sounds masculine, and I assume these are names for girls, judging by the other names on this list.
    Meadow: I like it a lot. I tend to like nature names, but it also has a great sound. It's soft and feminine and sprightly.
    Sage: I like it, but it feels kind of mysterious and moody. I think more of a sage, like a seer or shaman, than of the herb.
    Paisley: I'm not really big on unisex names, and this one makes me cringe. I can't imagine naming a child after a fabric.
    Sailor: I actually think it's cute, but I think I prefer it in the middle spot. It's very spunky and bright, but as a first name I feel like it could sound like a title and not a name, like the Sailor Elizabeth = Elizabeth the Sailor.
    Alia (?spelling?): I had a friend with this name, spelled this way, when I was in middle school, and I always admired how pretty and simple it was. I think it is a good name and this is exactly how I would spell it if I wanted that sound.
    Lily: Good, but popular. It's a very bright, sweet, happy, classic name.
    Willow: I like it but not as much as Lily or Meadow. It used to be one of my favorites but lately it feels lackluster.
    Winter: I LOVE this. I think it's so beautiful. I would only use it on a baby born in winter, but I can't because my surname ends in -er. I will forever be jealous of all mommas with baby Winters.
    Sienna: Just meh. It's okay. Not great.

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    Winter and Meadow are my favorite!

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    Thank you all very much.

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