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    Quote Originally Posted by bibliophile View Post
    Yes. It's phonetic, as cora-lee. It's French, meaning "coral."
    So pretty with a side of adorable. I think it has to go in my top 5.

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    Embry - I love the name, but I prefer it spelled Embree (someone above mentioned 'Embryo' and that's why I'm not a fan of the Y)

    Meadow - Middle name, absolutely. And if you're a very eclectic or bohemian family, I could see it working for a first name. It's a little too out there for 'normal' folk

    Sage - I think I'm biased because I had a dog named sage...but I just can't roll with this one. I sort of like it as a middle name, but not as a first name

    Paisley - I just think of those paisley print boho tops that were mega popular like 10 years ago...

    Sailor - Sailor Moon? Nope. Saylor has the same sound, but the spelling is less nautical or cartoon-y. It's a real name. Authored one of my college textbooks.

    Alia - (Allie-uh) or (Ah-lee-uh)? Alia for the first, Aleah or Aaliya for the second.

    Lily - Cute. Classic. Would age well. But too simple for my tastes. There's nothing wrong with it, though!

    Willow - Adorable! Love it, but it's so trendy now. I know four all under the age of two (and one on the way).

    Winter - Love this, but possibly only because I have a very positive association with it. Not only is Winter my favorite season, but I knew a girl named Winter about 10 years ago. She was probably 22 or 23 at the time and she was this stunningly beautiful blonde volleyball player. To this day probably the most gorgeous woman I've ever seen.

    Sienna - Not a bad name, but I have terrible name association with this one. Ick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lovemysweeties View Post
    So pretty with a side of adorable. I think it has to go in my top 5.
    So glad to see more love for such a beautiful, underused name.
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    Embry - This is cute, but it makes me think of embryo.
    Meadow - I love this name. It's on my favorites list!
    Sage - Really cute
    Paisley - Like this! I used to know people that had a dog named Paisley, but the name and the pattern are beautiful.
    Sailor - I think this is adorable!
    Alia (?spelling?) - Cute! I know someone named Elia
    Lily - Love this!
    Willow - LOVE.
    Winter - Cute! Winter has only happy connotations to me.
    Sienna - Adorable! Makes me think of a little stream.

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    Embry: It's not my style, and it just doesn't sound quite right. Try: Ember, Ebony, Emea, Emera, Bree.
    Meadow: it's cute, but it would be a bit too much as a first name, as a middle it's lovely.
    Sage: a nice, soft green name.
    Paisley: it's nice in the middle spot.
    Sailor: I like it, but only on a boy.
    Alia: pretty! One of the most used spellings is Aaliyah, but I definitely prefer Alia.
    Lily: really pretty.
    Willow: lovely.
    Winter: really nice.
    Sienna: Pretty, but not my style.

    My favourite has to be Willow.
    Jude, blackbird.

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