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    Feb 2013
    Our sextuplets were born on the sixth of February. They join older siblings Anna Eleanor (9), James Peter (6), and Claire Erin (3). Their names are (in birth order):

    Elizabeth Mary - Two family names and we loved the nickname possibilities for Elizabeth. We eventually decided on Ellie, one that I've loved for years, despite its popularity.

    Margaret Sarah - We love Margaret as a timeless classic, and we chose the nickname Maisy for now. Sarah is a family name.

    Emmett Patrick - Emmett is a family name, and we like Patrick because St Patrick's Cathedral in NYC has meaning to us.

    Thomas Joseph - Two more names we like because of family connections. We have decided to stick with calling him Thomas or now, but Anna, James, and Claire have already started calling him Tommy.

    Katherine Grace - We had a debate between Catherine or Katherine, but we like the K version because if we decide to call her Kate, we prefer Kate over Cate. Grace is a family name.

    Paul Henry - And lastly, the youngest, Paul. Paul is a name I have loved for a long time, as is Henry, and we liked the way it completed our sibset.

    So there is our (now) huge family! Anna, James, Claire, Ellie, Maisy, Emmett, Thomas, Katherine, and Paul.

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    We can hardly believe it, but our ninth child was born on 8 February!

    Posy Charlotte

    Her older siblings are Rosemarie Dayton (14), Genevieve Noelle (13), Hudson Matthew (12), Barrett Ellison (10), Phineas Thoreau (9), Stella Beatrix (7), Mattie Jean (6), and Levi Garrison (2).
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    Please welcome our newest addition Rosalie Prue!! She joins older sister Johanna Belle (9) and twin brothers Asher Tobias & Theo August (5).
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    depends on the day and the book...
    We are pleased to announce the birth of our first child, Cassiopeia Thisbe Whittaker!

    Cassie came into the world on the eighteenth of September at seven o'clock in the evening.

    We can't wait for you to meet our little darling!
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    We are ecstatic to announce the arrivals of our septuplets, Trilby Yvonne, Teague Yarrow, Phineas Jethro, Paden Jasper, Delancey Tamarind, Deccan Tate, and Holland Bevin. They join older siblings Henry Boden, Leith Silas, Otto Lucas, Adlai Thatcher, Lilith Seeley, Aberdeen Tinsley, and Oliver Loren.

    They also join newborn cousins Stellan Cooper and Sheridan Courtney and their older siblings Murphy Lisbeth, Madigan Lindsay, Ardith Fifer, Citron Penelope, Archer Finnegan, and Carsten Phoenix.

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