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    Jun 2012
    Introducing my sweet new daughter, Amelie Violette Noelle. She joins older sister Eloise Seraphine Cosette (7) and brothers Leo Maximilian Henri (4) & Hugo Alexandre Olivier (2)
    Violet Gray
    No longer a teenager, still sad and name-obsessed

    Jude, Theo, Luca, Oliver l Eliza, Rose, Kate, Dahlia

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    Feb 2013
    William John arrived yesterday. His twin older siblings Alice Mary and Henry Joseph are so excited!

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    Jan 2012
    I like to announce the birth of my twin daughters Cassia Genevieve & Livia Maren joining siblings Xavier Collin & Helena Antionette
    Married my bestfriend 5/11
    Angel Baby Riley Bean 8/13
    Mama to Murron Lydia Genevieve 10/20

    Solomon Jace
    Friedan Henri
    Sullivan Wilde
    Francis Hart
    Phelan Wallace
    Caedmon Wolfe
    Emerich Frost
    Willem Rupert Charles
    Nashua Hartley

    Agatha Helena Pearl
    Cordelia Henrietta Lucille
    Hadassah Francine
    Livia Pearl
    Enid Sylvia Inez/ Gertrude
    Florence Adele
    Agnes Linnea Frances
    Avia Liora Ruth
    Imogen Allegra Edith
    Junia Edith
    Cleora Josephine Helen

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    Jun 2013
    I'm happy to announce newborn identical twins Emma Catherine Sophie and Caitlin Jeanette Elodie!

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    Jul 2013
    I am proud to announce my new bouncing bundles of joy, twins Nicolas (Nico) Patrick and Eva Caroline. They will join Ephraim Daniel and Esther Jane.

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