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    Jun 2012
    I would like to introduce my beautiful baby girl Phoebe Silvia Margareta. She joins big brothers William Henrik Lewis and Arthur Axel Fredrik. We couldn't be any happier!
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    Feb 2013
    Introducing Beatrix Daisy Catherine and Clementine Hermione Gretel - twin sisters for big brother Theodore Caspian David.

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    Dec 2013
    Welcoming Estelle Auréliene into our family. Estelle joins older siblings Augustus Henning, Bartholomew Alexandre, Georgiana Eponine & Adélaide Ysaline.

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    I have a new nephew, Benjamin Grace! His parents thought that since so many girls are getting middle names like James and Ray, they'd do the opposite with him - although Grace might by a stretch be considered unisex (being a virtue and word name, although it's almost always only used for girls). At least it's a virtually unique combo (although the names themselves aren't).

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    Introducing Audrey Mary! She joins big siblings Ariane Leah (16), Michael Frederick (14), Ella Claire Louise (13), Joseph Kurtis (10), Sophia Anne Bridget (9), Grace Marta (7), and Peyton Greta (5) . Everyone is so excited about Audrey and can't wait to play with her etc... Our family is definitely complete now with 8 - Ariane, Michael, Ella, Joe, Sophia, Grace, Peyton, and Audrey!

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