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    Sep 2017
    My husband, Marcus, and I are very proud to announce our daughter Rosalie Milan was born last night at 8:35pm. We chose Rosalie to honour Marcus’s grandmother. Milan honours my mother’s home city.

    Rosalie joins big brother Christopher Elliott (8) and big sister Winifred Ivy (5).

    Christopher, Winifred & Rosalie.
    Toph, Winnie & Rosa.
    Cassius James ; Mars Alexander ; Rupert Valentine ; Albert Poe
    Atticus Ralph ; Hart Montgomery ; Forrest Nathaniel ; Angus Fox

    Cassius ; Mars ; Rue ; Bertie
    Kit ; Hart ; Forrest ; Gus

    Milla Theodora ; Juno Evangeline ; Poppy Elouise ; Frances Love
    Daisy Ophelia ; Ivy Matilda ; Rosalie Star ; Isabelle Storm

    Milla ; Juno ; Poppy ; Frances
    Daisy ; Ivy ; Rosa ; Belle

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    Apr 2018
    We are thrilled to announce the birth of our fourth child. Cecilia June joins older siblings Joseph Douds (8), Gideon Scott (6) and Ada Marie (3). We are really excited to bring her home and introduce her to the wider family.

    Joe, Gideon, Ada and Cecilia.
    Ada Marie, Frances Anne, Audrey Helen, Marjorie Joy, Sylvia June, Caoimhe Lynn, Meabh Elizabeth

    Lawrence Gideon, Edgar Philip, Douglas Cecil, Casper Alfred, Clarence Ernest, Malachy John, Cian Spencer

    Family Names // uk/eire

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    Dec 2017
    Perth, Aus.
    My husband and I are proud to announce the safe arrival of our mixed quadruplets on 14/8!
    Hugo Alexander Frost; 11:38; 1.16kg
    Otto Caspian Blue; 11:42; 1.07kg
    Sylvie Lavender Mae; 11:47; 1.03kg
    Flora Serenity Lark; 11:51; 986g

    They will have to stay in the NICU for about 1-2 months to help develop their lungs as they were 8 weeks early.

    They will be the last of our children joining 2 big brothers and sisters.
    River Gardenia Lane [13]
    Skyler Oceanus Wolf [9]
    Aspen Ignatius Oakes [6]
    Haven Wisteria Rain [4]

    Rio, Koa, Atti, Winnie, Sasha, Toshi, Ava & Lola
    Lexi // Teenberry
    Australian. Gryffindor. Musician. Name enthusiast.

    Sugarplum ~ Peppermint ~ Hollyhock
    Wintertale ~ Snowfinch ~ Turtledove

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    Mar 2013
    Excited to announce our fourth (and last) baby.

    Daisy Matilda Iris

    Daisy is one of my favourite names, but also after Daisy from the Mario Kart series (husband is a massive gamer). Daisy is a short form of Margaret meaning ‘Pearl’ which is the June birthstone.

    Matilda is a name I have always loved. I love the meaning of ‘Battle’. It reminds me of Matilda the movie - I watched a lot when I was younger.

    Iris means ‘Rainbow’ and Daisy is our little rainbow baby after suffering a miscarriage last year.

    She joins big sister Lila Sophia Ruby and brothers Mack Andrew Isaac and Finn Gordon Adam.

    We are delighted with our little Princess.
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    ~ Phoebe Matilda ~ Daisy Francesca ~ Ruby Madeleine ~ Indie Seraphina ~ Lila Sophia ~
    ~ Gregor Isaac ~ Angus Alexander ~ Rory Edward ~ Mack Theodore ~ Adam Gordon ~

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    Oct 2017
    My perfect son was born on June 5th. My husband and I have decided to name him Maxwell Parker. Maxwell is welcomed by loving older twin brothers; Brian Joseph (9), and Peter Michael (9), and excited older sisters; Mia Claire (7), Meredith Eliza (4), and Charlotte Hazel (2).
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    Alesha ❤︎ Teenberry
    currently crushing on:
    Meredith Anna || Brynn Katherine
    Mia Felicity || Charlotte Amelia

    Nathaniel Jacob || Maxwell Parker
    Carter Brian || James Michael

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