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    On this twelfth day of November, Lucy Kensington joins siblings Zophia Elle, Aria Leah, Charlie Webster and Alfie Waylon. Mr. and Mrs. Greene could not be any happier.
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    My husband Colin Chenoweth and I (Harper Chenoweth) are so blessed to announce the birth of our sixth and final child Decker Redmond Brannock Chenoweth. Baby Decker was born on November 1, 2013 at 4:45pm weighing in at 8lbs 12oz and 21 inches! He's absolutely perfect and the greatest little addition we could ask for! Decker joins siblings: Calliope Cait Mae (Callie-Cait; 10), Adalie Grier Evelyn (8), McCoy Sebastian Louis (7), Seraphina Laurel Jane (5), and Lorelai Audrey Piper (3).
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    Our eighth child, a baby girl named Grace Catherine was born yesterday, November 12. Older sisters Eleanor "Ellie" Rose (15), Erin Claire (15), Mary Elizabeth (11), and Caroline Anna (6), are thrilled that another girl is joining their pack. Brothers Paul Thomas (9), James Patrick (8), and Henry Joseph (5) are delighted as well! Ellie, Erin, Mary, Paul, James, Caroline, Henry, and Grace are all doing great!

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    We are excited to announce the peaceful arrival of our daughter Glow Cordelia Josephine on Dec 14th! She is welcomed by her brothers Valor Desmond(13 months), Alexis George(4), Truitt Jeremiah(6), Zero Alexander(9), and overly excited sister Moxie Louisa Gwyneth(4)!
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    Aw, I love this thread so much!
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