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    Hi Nameberries,

    My husband and I will not be trying to conceive for another year or so, but I have a name question that has been bothering me for quite some time now. My husband and I love the name Catherine for a girl, and it just so happens that is has a lot of significance in my husband's family. His mother's name is Catherine "Cathy" and his maternal grandmother's name was Catherine "Kay." Both are wonderful namesakes. If we had a daughter named Catherine, she would go by just Catherine or perhaps "Cate" or "Cat." Here's the problem: My mom loves the name Catherine, but does NOT love the idea of me naming a child after my mother-in-law. I think it makes my mom very jealous and upset. I have always planned on honoring my mother with my daughter's name, so a middle name for Catherine would likely be "Anna" or "Maureen" after my mother. My mom is aware of this, but it still against the idea of using the first name "Catherine."

    What would you do in this situation? Should I keep Catherine as a contender for a daughter or nix it because of my mom's feelings? I absolutely adore the name and would really love to use it, but I would hate if it caused any family problems. Do you think my mom would come around once the child was born?

    Any thoughts would be greatly appreciate. Thank you!


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    I say go for it. Catherine's very lovely and it's not that you use it only to honor your MIL, you actually love the name. Other idea I can think about will be to integrate the names. Anne-Catherine or Catherina/Catarina, no?
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    I don't understand why she wouldn't want you to name it after your MIL? Your husband's side of the family deserves to be honored just as much? Especially since the middle name is after your mother.
    I say go for it if you love the name Catherine (great choice, btw).
    Maybe just don't announce it until after the baby is born, that should help ease some tension because their focus will on the baby and not necessarily the name.

    Good luck!
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    Oh. I think you should go for it with Catherine. You adore it - and it's after all your MIL. She deserves to get honored as well - your MIL will also be the baby's grandmother, not just your mother.

    Catherine Anna is a great name, I think. But maybe you shouldn't focus so much on it. My friend and her husband planned to name their son after her FIL. They ended up changing the name, because the mother and grandmother of the husband were fiercely against it. No need to say that her FIL and MIL are divorced. I just felt then that they should have waited to announce the name until after the baby's birth.
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    Thank you for your responses! To understand why my mom wouldn't want the baby named after my MIL, well, you'd just have to know my mom! My husband and I do like the name Catarina, too, so that is also a possibility.

    Hearing all of you say to go for it makes me much more confident that it's useable for us, though, which is exciting! I'm sure my mom would come around to it in time.

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