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    Sitcom Episode About Naming

    I just watched an episode of the classic 1960s sitcom The Dick Van Dyke Show, where the main characters, Rob and Laura Petrie, remember naming their son, Richie. Richie had been asking about what his middle initial stands for, and it turns out his middle name is Rosebud. He's horribly embarrassed by this, until Rob explains that it's an acronym for the names Laura and the grandparents wanted:

    Robert (Laura's pick)
    Oscar (maternal grandmother's pick)
    Sam (paternal grandfather's pick, after himself)
    Edward (maternal grandfather's pick, after his oldest brother)
    Benjamin (paternal grandmother's pick)
    Ulysses (paternal great-grandfather's pick)
    David (paternal great-grandfather's pick)

    So technically, Richie has seven middle names. He thinks this is awesome.

    You can stream the show on Netflix and the episode is 2.06, "What's in a Middle Name?" I'm recommending this to you ladies because it's basically "Name Nerd Problems: The Sitcom Episode" and it's hilarious (and dates surprisingly well). The flashback with the arguing grandparents is the best (and probably alarmingly true).
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    Richie's middle name is actually an acronym, not an anagram. Thanks for mentioning that fun bit from the golden age of television! I found the clip on YouTube:

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    Whoops! Thank you for catching that and for providing that clip.

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