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    geographical names - love or hate?

    Which geographical names do you love and hate and why?
    I really dislike Brooklyn and Phoenix.
    Paris and Dallas are both guilty pleasures of mine, especially Paris which I adore.
    Devon is wonderful on either gender. India I dislike as I think it gets used without thought.
    Harlow I find hilarious. If you have ever visited Harlow in Essex you'll agree
    London just doesnt sound nice to me, neither does Camden.
    Geneva is pretty and so is Vienna - although it does make me think of ice cream?
    Ireland doesnt sound right to me as a name.
    What are your thoughts on these and other place names?

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    I'm a huge fan of geographical names. Essex was actually on my boys list for a while. It might have to go back on there now lol I also have:

    Everest (for Mt Everest, of course)
    Seneca (New York)
    Cyprus (the island)
    Salem (Massachusetts)
    Syracuse (Italy)

    London (England)
    Denver (Colorado)
    Callery (Pennsylvania)
    Aspen (Colorado)
    Kenley (England)
    Amity (Oregon)

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    I adore them! Here is what is on my list, all have some meaning to me one way or another:

    Egypt (boy)
    London (England) (boy)
    Nottingham (England) (girl)
    Gotham (England/also for Batman series, lol) (girl)
    Cairo (Egypt) (girl)
    Pompeii (Italy) (girl) - middle name only
    Jerusalem (Israel) (girl)
    Nazareth (Israel) (boy)
    Alaska (US) (boy)
    Arizona (US) (boy)
    Dallas (Texas) (girl)
    France (girl)
    Paris (France) (boy)
    Ireland (both genders)
    Brooklyn (NY) (boy)
    Bethlehem (Israel) (boy)
    Tennessee (boy)

    I have more I just can't think lol
    Current Favorite Names
    ♀ Gotham | Hessian | Salem
    ♂ Anakin | Sailor

    "Cat Mom" to: Tiger Lilly Jane

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    There are some I like but they're the ones that are already well-established names like Georgia, Virginia, Charlotte, Adelaide, Geneva etc...There are some that make me cringe every time I hear them (I'm thinking of you, Brooklyn, Dallas, Paris, Salem). Personally, if a place doesn't have special significance for the parents, I don't see the appeal at all. It just means that the couple are following a major trend because it's the cool thing to do or they chose the place name just because the name sounds "nice". For me, the place has to have some meaning for me in order to find it interesting enough to use it.
    All the best,

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    I agree with you Mischa, I would like to hear that a place name carried specific meaning such as Reese Witherspoon's Tennessee. Although hearing that the inspiration was place of conception is just TMI (Brooklyn Beckham)!!

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