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    Isolde and Vespertine are my favorites! ^_^
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    Sorcess; thanks! Zephyrine fell out because of Vespertine.

    Angel; Hehe, no we can't always be. But Zephyrine is pretty much the same as Morgana to me too, all windy and sea like! I originally had Sylvana (which is like a gothic snowy fairy tale forest), but I don't think I'd like two -ana names. Then thought of Sylvestra, and I just fell even more in love with this one. It's like Sylvana, only on a mountain top in a spiky castle full of jewels and ravens and wolves.

    Juni; Celestine is very pretty, but it's kind of the male version of Celeste...

    Amy; haha, you look very passionate there! Love it, even if it was a mistake... and love that you left it like that!

    Cy; oooh, Faustina! I like this. Vespera feels very close to Vespa for me (I've got one). From your suggestions I like Theophania so much! But I like Theoden for a boy more... The others are pretty too, Chryseis is gorgeous but the story is so sad..,

    Pernille; yes, very icy isn't it? It's a beautiful name.

    Lex; Oh yeah, it's one of the Quenilda variants! I like this one. Quennell, very sleek and beautiful.

    Moonblossom; thanks for chiming in!

    I think we've reached a kind of sort of replacement. This is the new actual list with all the names we'll put on our list for Baby:

    Briseis or Isis - we can't do both and Husband is reluctant about another Goddess name
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    Tell him to get over it. :P She's not a Greek goddess and she's so strong and powerful.

    I'd order them like this:

    Isis -- 2
    Morgana --1
    Sylvestra -- 5
    Tinúviel -- 3
    Ursula -- 4
    Vespertine --6
    Zennor -- 7 -- My Amazon Author Page

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    I would go for Briseis instead of Isis, as I feel it falls a little flat and it feels a little thin next to her sisters "big" name.

    So my ranging would be:
    Ursula/ Vespertine/ Zannor. (Making them share last place as none of them measure up to the greatness of the other four!)

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    I have been operating under the mistaken assumption that I posted my reply to this thread, but I've searched the whole thing and it's not to be found Apparently I'm losing my mind. The other night someone took the eggs out of the fridge and turned the stove light on. My husband pinky swore me that it wasn't him (and that's like our sacred thing so I know he's not lying) but I have NO memory of doing so, no matter how I wrack my brain. Eek!

    Anyway, names!!!

    Hespera was never my favorite, but I mourn her passing for your sake, because I know how much you loved her. It's so unfortunate when names we love have built-in negative associations that make them unusable!

    I am actually madly in love with the new list! Every single name is one of the brilliant, shining, glittery, fluttery ones that makes my heart leap when I read it! So I'll give a more in-depth "profile" of each name and then choose a top three.

    Briseis – I don't think this is too Greek at all; she reads almost Scandinavian to me. She's very brisk and blustery, like a winter storm. I see a powerfully-built, silver-eyed girl with ice-encrusted lashes, swathed in furs, forging her way across a frozen stream, pulling a sled in her wake. (You watch Game of Thrones, yes? Think a cross between Ygritte and Brienne.) Briseis is headstrong and brave, loyal and honest, sometimes a little too blunt, but true and pure of heart. As a child, she is the fearless one, and even though she's the little sister, she appoints herself Dita's protector, a defiant little thing who fends off bullies and boogeymen with equal ferocity. When they pretend, Bris is the knight rescuing Dita from the dragon, the chevalier to her sister's Saya (sorry, Blood + reference), the Lancelot to her Guinevere (or Arthur, depending on Roo's mood), the Jonathan to her David. I'm getting carried away with my analogy, but you see the point – A couple of things to consider: A and B might start a theme, so you'll want to avoid Casimir or Callisto for the third sib. This one would also rule out Chryseis and Cressida, as they are later variations of the same story.

    FaustineLOVE this for you! Immediately makes me think of Queen Frostine from my childhood CandyLand game…I thought she was the most beautiful fairy creature, and kept trying to sneakily stack the deck so I could get the Frostine card, which I would then never play because in my Sessha brain having the prettiest card was a better way to win the game than making it to the finish line first. Wow. Anyway! Faustine is all frost and twinkles and fairy dust. I see a dainty, porcelain-skinned girl with icy blue eyes, silver-blonde hair, and the tiniest little fairy feet. Her laugh is like silver bells. Despite her delicate appearance, she's rather a daredevil – the swiftest runner, the highest climber, the most mischievous prankster. She throws herself headlong into things, trusting in her natural luck to buoy her up from disaster. She's always coming up with these elaborate plans about which Dita has a great many misgivings, but they're such glitteringly irresistible ideas that big sister lets Tink talk her into playing along. (I couldn't resist the nickname!) She's the female Jack Frost, the ultimate winter pixie, all mischief and icicles, sparkle and giggles. You don't have nearly enough F names on your list, and Faustine is the perfect girl to change that!

    Halcyon (are we saying it hal-see-OWN?) – I think this is an amazing replacement for Hespera. You trade H for H, and you get Alcyone thrown into the mix, which you've always loved but not been able to use next to Dita. Halcyon has a hazy, tranquil quality that some of the others lack, despite the bouncy syllables. I picture Halcyon as a soft, ethereal, dreamy girl…she wears her white-blonde hair in long braids, with wisps escaping about her face in a halo, and her eyes are a startling peacock blue, at odds with her faraway expression. She's addicted to books, and is forever curled up in her window seat, reading so avidly that her breath comes in quiet gasps because she doesn't realize she's holding it. When Dita can drag her away from her stories, they play pretend for hours, with Halcyon writing all sorts of elaborate magical plots for them to enact. She is shy with others, and will let Dita do most of the talking…she prefers to live in her headspace and create her own magical worlds. No nickname pops to mind…Alcy? Halcy? CeeCee? Hrm.

    Isolde – You really can't have both Isolde and Isis…and I confess, I'm partial to Isolde. Like a winter Juliet, she's slightly tragic, but utterly beautiful…and that hint of tragedy just enhances her ethereal allure. Isa (after the Norse rune for ice) is an old soul, and though she's younger than Dita, she is often the final authority in matters of wisdom, strategy, and advice. Her hair is dark, like Roo's but her eyes are blue-grey and her skin is milky white. At times she seems like a miniature adult rather than a child…she listens gravely, her eyes large as she takes in the world around her. When delighted, her eyes flame with joy and her laugh is tinkling bells. She has a flair for the theatre, especially soliloquies, and stands on the makeshift stage in the backyard reading Shakespeare with fearsome and convincing passion. Isolde is compassionate, keen, and powerfully intuitive, with a healer's soul. She also has a thing for the great birds; she learns falconry and is accompanied everywhere out of doors by her great snowy owl companion.

    Sylvestra – Oh, Otter, if you use this name I may die of happiness!! I've been so in love with it, but of course it's one of Husband's flat vetoes so I can never use it. I keep suggesting it to everyone who is even remotely adventurous enough to give it a fair chance, haha. Sylvestra is rich piney woods, lush and mysterious and deep. The ultimate forest girl, an elf, a huntress, clothed in leaves with an antlered headdress, who moves through the trees silent and swift as a deer. She's silver and green, dusk and twilight, evening stars and spicy-scented firs, mystery and magic and doorways to the fairy worlds, whispers and tiptoes and gossamer wings. Sylvie is a forest girl, through and through…she can't resist the call of the wild. She always wants to go exploring and leads Dita on long rambling expeditions through the woods foraging for nuts and berries, herbs and mushrooms, and introduces her big sister to all the little woodland creatures who are her especial friends. They design their own tree house and play Swiss Family Robinson and My Side of the Mountain, they camp under the stars, they hunt and fish with a sense of zeal and respect, offering prayers of gratitude to the souls of their quarries. Sylvestra is an artist like her mum and dad; she carries around a beautiful patched together sketchbook full of pressed leaves, and diligently diagrams every new flower and frog and feather she discovers. She wants to be a naturalist when she grows up.

    Vespertine – This is my favorite replacement/equivalent for Hespera, I think. She most closely matches the sound, and all of your imagery (snow, stars, throws, fairy lights, fires, cinnamon, hot chocolate, harps and joy) can be applied to her. The name also has a touch of mystery and shadow for me, probably because of a book I read called The Vespertine, a historical fantasy about a girl in Baltimore who becomes famous for seeing visions of the future in the vespers. She falls in love with a beautiful painter, beneath her in station, with a supernatural secret of his own. One of her darkest visions come true, and believing her lover is dead, she lets them declare her mad and lock her up. The story is eerie and haunting, but it ends well. At any rate, that touch of the gothic makes Vespertine even more layered and appealing to me, though it leaves me struggling to pin down a particular personality/image. The color comes through strong, however: a brilliant rosy gold, like liquid sunset.

    Zennor – I love the similarity to Azenor/Senara, but that does make this name the least likely to be voted the Hespera doppelganger, at least by me. Far from the peacefulness her name would suggest, Zen is like Morgana, all stormy waters and tempestuous sky. Zennor is an edgy bohemian girl, a wild child with a passion for art and fashion and music. She drinks absinth like water and smells of mint, roses and cigars. Her smoky smudged mascara, stacks of rings, and high-fashion vagabond style give her a strange untamed sultriness. Zen marches to the beat of her own drum…she participates in various political protests, anything subversive for a worthy cause. She loves to travel, sometimes skipping out in the middle of a school day to catch a bus to nowhere, showering Dita with postcards from her adventures. The walls of her room are plastered with cutouts from magazines, pictures of exotic unheard-of places, completely normal people with flashes of strange beauty in their otherwise ordinary faces, images of mundane things that combine with the rest of her collage to become a grand extraordinary view of the world.

    Sylvestra and Faustine are definitely in my top three…I think my third would be Isolde, but then we can't have Isis, so I'll just be sneaky and make it a top four: Sylvestra, Faustine, Isolde, and Briseis in roughly that order. Add Pandora, Morgana, and Tinuviel, and this potential sibset is the most stunning, breathtaking list I have yet to lay eyes on!

    Edit: ....aaaand of course I took too long writing this, so now you've posted again. I stick with my lists, though! There's no way Ursula measures up to the glittering frost fairy that is Faustine!
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