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    Ruolan; Pleiades is gorgeous, and Pleione too (mother of the Pleiades). Chryseis, I could use this as a middle, maybe. I love it, but it's not quite substantial enough as a first. I love the Tolkien names too, Théoden's on my boy list! Finnish is from an entirely different language group (Uralic) the Scandinavian languages (Germanic), but I know some Sami which is spoken by the Sami people in Northern Norway so the pronunciation comes easy to me.

    Jasmine; Galilea's too place namey to me. And it hasn't got the magnificent starry beauty of Galileo.

    Rosey; yeah, Aphro & Juno might be too much. Besides, it I add it I would have three -o ending names on my list. Zephyrine Hespera Plum is lovely, but we know a little Plum.

    Harlow; yes, I do love Zephyrine. I think I would only add this if we took Morgana off the list though, they feel pretty similar to me.

    Yael; yup, long and tedious... blah!!! Happy to see you like Zephyrine!

    Liza; thanks for your gushing!! So sweet! Sylvana's definitely mysterious to me as well. Like a fairy tale forest or something... Thanks for your words on Zephyrine and Halcyone too - a little cyclone! Phaedra, oh I just find this name so sad. Her story is just terrible. Demeter I do love, and her story is very powerful, maternal and haunting. I love Lavinia! But not for my baby. Lanuvina would be better. Signe's on my middle list.

    Rollo; Lilith is on my middle list I think. And maybe Ianthe too.

    Seazuno; Marigold is very sweet but not my style. I love Delphine, but I know one and only think of her when I see it.

    Philomena; that doesn't bother me at all. I don't mind porn stars. Might be weird, but I don't...

    Our list:
    Chione (but unsure about Husband's feelings on this one, he gave it a meh)
    Morvoren (if we cut Morgana too)
    Persephone (but Husband isn't keen on it right after Dita)
    Vespera or Vespertine
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    My fave from your list are Zephyrine, Vespertine, Nephele, Elbereth and Ostara.
    My fave is Zephyrine or Ostara.
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    Going to jump on the Zephryine wagon. I like it with your other choices and it feels most like Hespera to me.
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    Oh no, I loved Hespera. But alright: Challenge Accepted!
    No A, C, E, G, I, M, O, P, or T names.

    Belladonna - I totally get why you like Belladonna but I don't know how I'd feel about naming a daughter after a poison. Especially if you don't like Bella as a nn. Though I guess Bonnie would be cute.
    Elbereth - I love this. So different from Dita. Pretty awesome.
    Vespertine - I like Vespertine more than Vespera. I also like Vesper but with Vespera feels like you are just trying to replace Hespera.

    Too bad Zenobia might not make it back on the list. She would be beautiful.
    Have you considered Hecate? She's on your mn list.

    OTHER SUGGESTIONS: (some might be a little out there - even for you. But this was fun!)
    H- NAMES: Hannelore, Hedviga, Harmony/Harmonia, Haven, Herodota, Heliodora, Herewynn, Hephzibah (nn Eppie), Hesione, Hippolyta (wasn't she on your list once as well?)
    OTHER NAMES: Frieda/Freyde, Feodore, Freidolina, Fulgora, Keziah, Leceline, Quennelle, Renaissance, Solveig, Soligena, Sauvain, Saturnalia, Walburga
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    Love Vespera for you! I think it's very pretty and fits well with sister Aphrodite.

    The others from your list that I particularly like are: Zephyrine and Ursula.

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