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    Thanks all for helping out.

    Sorc; thanks.

    Dina; yeah, Zephyrine's got some of the same things going on. And it's beautiful.

    Lex; I love Hespera too. I've shed some tears over here, it was a hard decision. I go back and forth on Vespera, it looks so sleek but I wonder if it's too close to Vespa? I like the evening and floral association, and my favourite Bjork album is Vespertine. I have considered Hecate but we decided on not going for another -ee ending. I love Hannelore (but not enough), Hippolyta, Frieda (sister's middle), Quennelle (tell me more please!) and Saturnalia (but too crazy). Thanks sweetie!

    J; yeah, I think Vespera's beautiful too. Just wondering if it's too close to the thing I mentioned above...

    Angel; don't worry, I'm not going to cut Morgana. I'm just going through something weird. Thanks for the defense though, she appreciates it I'm sure.

    Mischa; yeah, that's why they're not making my list this time.

    Lex; yeah, I'm a crazy nut. I've been trying to get a perfect list and the only way it was possible was to take Morgana off. But I'm not doing it, I'm just having an insane day.

    moonblossom; yeah, me too. The problems of being bilingual. I don't associate Ursula with TLM at all, I think of bears and forests and stars.

    labelo; yeah, Zephyrine Hespera something would be lovely. It does have that frostiness going on.

    More suggestions or opinions?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ottilie View Post

    Philomena; that doesn't bother me at all. I don't mind porn stars. Might be weird, but I don't...
    Not weird at all - I just know it would bother some people.
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    I love these as firsts:

    I think these are better in the middle, for various reasons:
    Undómiel (this is so enchanting in the middle, but seems to lose her magic up front)
    Utopia (it seems a little over the top as a first)

    These are just fine as a first, I just don't care for them (that that it matters, it's what you love)
    Belladonna (I could be persuaded to like this one. There is a dark beauty in it)

    My very favorites for you are Halcyon, Sylvana and Zephyrine. Sylvana is utter perfection.

    I'm going to go through my lists and see what feels like something you'd like. We have a lot of mutual loves, so hopefully some work. Most have probably been on your list at some point, so they'll be more of a "hello, why don't you look at me again? See how pretty I am?".

    Aeronwy - so pretty. Eilonwy won my heart so I won't use this, but I love it
    Briseis - she sounds like a cold breeze rushing through the woods to me
    Calandra - meaning lark, also I think you said no C names, sorry. I'm a rule breaker.
    Chione or Khione- almost positive I saw this one suggested. I keep trying to make this one work but can't ever find the right combo for her.
    Corliss - I actually don't know much with this one, I wrote it down with the word "carefree" beside it
    Isolde - I think she deserves another look, though Isis is on the list now, isn't she. Still...
    Isotta - if Isolde just isn't working
    Iverine - another I don't know much about, I wrote Norwegian beside it, so maybe you know it
    Jocasta - so many fun nicknames, plus I love saying it. She sounds like Victoria, a name you say with your chin in the air and a flash of fire in your eyes
    Lirael - this may be made up :/ I didn't write anything down about it
    Odessa - I feel like this is already on your list somewhere, or I've seen it suggested for you, but I'm going to add it
    Rusalka - this sounds like taffeta swishing about
    Taygete - but then you have Callisto, worth a look at least. Actually, as I'm saying it, I'm wondering why I took her off the short list.
    Thalatte - I think I got this one from dantea, and other than that I don't remember much about it

    I'll post these and keep looking.
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    Your lists never fail to amaze me. So many beautiful names. From this new list I like:

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    Quote Originally Posted by redwoodfey View Post
    Lirael - this may be made up :/ I didn't write anything down about it
    Lirael is from Garth Nix' "Abhorsen" series. The first book is about a girl named Sabriel & the second & third revolve around a girl named Lirael.
    New username is @ truenature

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